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The following product range comprises aromatherapy sprays that synergistically blend exquisite, organic, therapeutic-quality essential oils and the powerful New Millennium Essences flower essences.

Living Energy spray blends of organic essential oils & New Millennium flower essences

The Living Energy range of aromatherapy spray blends are designed to enhance or repair your subtle energy systems, and to balance your emotions, in order to support your full health and wellbeing.  The Feng Shui Cleanser cleanses and balances interior spaces, and the Crystal Cleanser cleanses and revitalises crystals.

Why not experience the beautiful fragrances and healing properties of these Living Energy sprays blends for yourself.

The Living Energy range of aromatherapy spray blends is available in a range of organic, crystal and health food stores around New Zealand.

If are you are a retailer interested in stocking our products, email Glenys for details.

Tech Protect spray for protection from emf

Tech Protect

Provides relief and protects you from all forms of emf (electromagnetic field radiation), including wifi, mobile phones and computer screens. Also provides protection from the negative effects of fluorescent lighting and air conditioning.

Stress Less spray for stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, overwhelm

Stress Less

Relieves all forms of stress and anxiety, including burnout, as well as depression or overwhelm. Also provides physical and emotional support to help body and mind release the stress.

Energy Boost spray for recovery from fatigue, illness or surgery

Energy Boost

Enhances your energy and vitality when you are suffering from chronic tiredness or fatigue, or when recovering from illness or surgery.

Sound Sleep spray for quality sleep with tiredness or insomnia

Sound Sleep

Helps you to achieve quality sleep, whether you are suffering from tiredness, insomnia or fatigue. Also rebalances the body's energies.

Aura Restorer spray for cleansing & strengthening the aura

Aura Restorer

Cleanses and strengthens the human aura, or energy field, so that your body is better able to repair holes and breaks in the auric field.

Travel Ease spray for jet lag & fatigue from flying or long-distance travel

Travel Ease

Minimises the negative effects of flying, jet lag and fatigue from travel of all kinds. Also helps ease all forms of motion sickness and boosts the immune system.

Feng Shui spray for balancing & energetically cleansing indoor spaces

Feng Shui Cleanser

Balances and energetically cleanses spaces in the home or office. Processes and transmutes negative energy, and enhances all aspects of the energy, or chi, of the space, bringing in an atmosphere of harmony and peace.

Crystal Cleanser spray for cleansing & revitalising crystals

Crystal Cleanser

Releases all negative energies picked up by the crystals, whether from people or the environment. Also allows the crystals to realign to their energy matrix and crystalline grid structure, restoring them to their original pristine state.

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