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Crystal Cleanser

Crystal Cleanser spray for cleansing & revitalising crystals

The Crystal Cleanser spray blend cleanses, revitalises and realigns the energies of crystals.

It releases all negative energies picked up by the crystals, whether from people or the environment. It also allows the crystals to realign to their energy matrix and crystalline grid structure, restoring them to their original pristine state.

Contents 50 ml.

Shake well and spray lightly over crystals.

Cost: NZD $22 + shipping


The Crystal Cleanser spray blend contains a blend of the following New Millennium Essences flower essences, in a base of pure water and vodka.

Sedum obtusifolium, crystal cleanser, New Millennium flower essence

Sedum obtusifolium - crystal cleanser

Energetically cleanses a crystal, releasing all negative and "dark" energies that may have accumulated. These energies may have been picked up from the environment, or from the crystal performing its natural function.

Rhododendron Tropic Glow, crystal revitaliser, New Millennium flower essence

Rhododendron Tropic Glow - crystal revitaliser

For revitalising a crystal, helping it to energetically realign its energy matrix and crystalline grid structure; restoring it to the pristine state it was in when it first formed.

Camellia Gay Pixie, reconnects crystals to elemental kingdom, New Millennium flower essence

Camellia Gay Pixie - elemental kingdom

Helps a crystal to reconnect fully with the "elemental kingdom", from whence it originally came. By reconnecting strongly with its source, a crystal will have a stronger, cleaner energy.

Hibertia, removes negative energies, New Millennium flower essence

Hibertia - super-debugger

"Debugs" and removes negativity and energetic entities of all kinds, including attached entities and etheric parasites.

Red perennial daisy, terminates old connections, New Millennium flower essence

Red Perennial Daisy - old connections terminate

Helps disconnect all the energetic threads from old relationships, of any sort, that are well past their "used-by" date. These old connections are energy threads that are still attached to people and places, possibly even from many years ago.

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