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How does Energy Healing work?

Everything is energy and vibration. There is constant movement and flow of energy throughout our physical body, giving us the vitality that keeps us alive and promotes our health. However, these energy flows can become blocked, stuck or out of sync with each other, and when this happens Energy Healing provides simple, non-invasive techniques to realign and balance the energy flows.

Energy Healing also incorporates a mind-body therapy. It can be used to change limiting or disempowering beliefs, thoughts and behaviours to more conscious and empowering ones. Limiting beliefs are at the root of much our physical body dis-ease, as well as the cause of emotional pain and mental distress. Energy Healing provides fast, effective ways of transformation at all levels of our being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Can Energy Healing treat my problem?

Energy Healing can address a wide range of different problems on physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels. Since everything is energy, all these levels are connected and interdependent.

Some common problems that can be successfully treated or relieved with

Energy Healing are:

  • Stress and/or anxiety

  • Insomnia and sleep issues

  • Chronic tiredness

  • Chronic pain (especially where there is no clear injury or condition)

  • Low energy and chronic fatigue

  • Autoimmune conditions

  • Hormonal issues

  • Past trauma

  • Emotional issues, such as feeling stuck, relationship issues, grief,
    or lack of self-esteem

  • Lack of abundance

  • Support during surgery or treatment for serious medical conditions

  • Support during cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy

  • Fertility attempts or treatment

What can I expect in an energy healing session?

An energy healing treatment session will generally begin with some energy (or muscle) testing to identify blockages and incorrect flows in the various energy patterns of the body. Then, depending on what is required, you may be asked to do a few simple exercises to correct imbalances.

From there the session may include relaxing energy-balancing techniques that I perform while you lie on the massage table. Or if there are limiting beliefs underlying your problems, we will have a conversation, in which I use a combination of intuitive and rational faculties to identify and remove any blocks that are preventing you from experiencing health or wellness.

All treatments are explained to you and always requires your explicit permission.

How often should I come for treatment?

On your first visit we discuss the problems and issues you want to address, and together we agree on a treatment plan. Generally, most clients require a minimum of 3 to 6 sessions. These sessions are ideally spaced at weekly intervals.

After the initial treatment plan, there is the option to continue on a monthly or two-monthly basis for ongoing support and maintenance. Or you can choose to come on an ad hoc basis, whenever you need more support.

How long will it take to see results?

Results vary enormously from person to person, so there is no definitive answer.

You should expect to see improvements after one or two sessions.


However, lasting change generally requires longer. This is because the body tends to easily revert to habitual energy and emotional patterns.

A typical treatment plan lasts for 3 to 6 sessions, but again this varies enormously from person to person. More serious or chronic conditions may require longer treatment plans.

Over the course of the treatment you should expect to see real positive change.

How long is a session?

Each session is one hour in duration.

I'm receiving treatment from a doctor? Is it safe for me to have Energy Healing at the same time?

Yes, Energy Healing is safe when used in conjunction with medical procedures, prescription drugs, herbal remedies and other healing therapies, such as massage, bodywork or reflexology.

Energy Healing always works to balance the body’s energy systems, and promote healing. It is complementary to, and does not interfere with, other healing options.

Do I have to believe in Energy Healing for it to work?

No, you don’t have believe in Energy Healing or even in subtle energies, for it to work. You only need to be open to change.

What if I can't see you in person?

If you can’t make it to a session with me in person, you can still receive treatment

in a distance healing session. These are conducted via Skype or Zoom.

While a distance healing session cannot include the hands-on techniques, there is still a lot of Energy Healing that can be achieved over even long distances.

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Please note that nothing on this website is to be taken as medical diagnosis or treatment. If in doubt regarding the safety of any treatment or product, then seek advice from an appropriate medical or health practitioner.

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