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Emotional Healing
Hand cradling brain with love, emotional heaing

One-hour Emotional Energy Healing session

The Emotional Energy Healing session will be tailored to focus on whatever is troubling you and preventing you from accessing your full emotional wellbeing.
This may include:

  • releasing the pain from past hurts, grief or loss

  • clearing past trauma, including generational trauma

  • removing blockages to abundance or moving forward in life

  • letting go of fears and resentments.


This session may include Akashic Healing, ThetaHealing and/or Eden Energy Medicine therapies, as needed.

Total value: NZD $95

Online or in person sessions available

Energy Medicine Healing
Energy booster
Girl jumpin for joy, Energy Booster healing sesso

One-hour Energy Medicine Healing session

The Energy Medicine Healing session will be tailored to focus on whatever is troubling you and preventing you from full physical wellbeing.
This may include
healing for:

  • chronic illness

  • physical injuries

  • sleep issues

  • headaches and migraines

  • autoimmune conditions

  • joint problems

  • depression

  • hormone imbalances

  • fertility issues.


This session may include ThetaHealing as well as Eden Energy Medicine therapies, as needed.

Total value: NZD $95

Online or in person sessions available

Akashic Records Reading
Akashic reading
Akashic Hall of Records for readings

One-hour  Akashic Records Reading online session

The Akashic Hall of Records is the library of all thoughts, words, emotions, intent and experiences of all human lifetimes that have occurred in the past, present and future. These records are encoded in the quantum energy field.

Accessing the records via an Akashic Records Reading may reveal:

  • details of past lives that are impacting you in your present lifetime

  • the soul contracts that you have with others in this lifetime

  • your soul path and challenges in this lifetime.


When you book your Akashic Records Reading, you may prefer to email us in advance of your session with 3 or 4 questions relating to the areas above. Make sure they are open questions (that don't have yes or no answers), such as What? How? or Why?


Total value: NZD $95

Online session only

Stress Relief Healing
Stress buster
peaceful Japanese temple, stress relief healing

One-hour Stress Relief Healing stress relief session

In the Stress Relief Healing session you receive the soothing and restorative Black Pearl Sanctuary and Brazilian toe technique.


This healing session shifts the body and mind into deep relaxation, opening up the body's innate self-healing, and creating a state of calm, safety and inner peace.


Total value: NZD $88

In person session only

Chakra Balance & Healing
Chakra cleanse
Chakras, balancing chakras

One-hour Chakra Balance & Healing session

The chakras are energy centres that connect physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of ourselves. There are seven major chakras located along a central line running from the crown down to the pelvic floor. They bring life force energy into the body to feed the organs and cells near them, and are strongly correlated with our endocrine or hormonal system.

A Chakra Balance & Healing session releases stagnant energy from the chakras, draws in fresh life force energy and brings the chakras into more harmonious alignment with each other. After the session you can expect to feel clearer, revitalised, more balanced and better grounded.


Total value: NZD $88

In person session only

Reiki Healing
Woman receiving Reiki healing

One-hour Reiki Healing session

In a Reiki Healing session we focus on whatever is troubling you or preventing you from accessing your full wellbeing, either on physical, emotional or spiritual levels.


Reiki heals by flowing life force through the body and energy field, correcting disrupted energy flows, healing the body and balancing the energies. After the session you can expect to feel relaxed and peaceful, yet more alive and with a feeling of enhanced wellbeing.


Total value: NZD $88

In person session only

Indian Head Massage
Indian head msg
Woman receiving head massage, In the Zone Healing Indian Head Massage

Treat yourself to a delicious and gentle Indian Head Massage of the upper back and shoulders, arms, neck, head and face.


Indian Head Massage is based on ancient Ayurvedic practices, but is just as applicable in our modern world, for its ability to:

  • Relieve stress

  • Ease neck and shoulder tension

  • Stimulate blood circulation and lymph drainage to clear toxins

  • Recharge energy levels.


Total value: NZD $50 for a half-hour session

In person session only

FE blend
Customised Flower Essence blend
New Millennium Essences, customised flower essence blend, customized blend, In the Zone Healing

The majority of your issues — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — can be addressed with a customised blend of the powerful New Millennium flower essences, created specifically to address your healing requirements. The flower essence blend can then be mailed to you anywhere in the world. This service includes email support for any questions or concerns while you are taking the essence blend.

To order your flower essence blend, email us with some details of your current state of health. A lot of information is not necessary: just a list of symptoms (if any), a brief summary of any issues, and a short (just a few sentences at most) summary of the changes you want for yourself.


Contents 25 ml.


Total value: NZD $50 for a customised flower essence blend + shipping


Please note that nothing on this website is to be taken as medical diagnosis or treatment. If in doubt regarding the safety of any treatment or product, then seek advice from an appropriate medical or health practitioner.

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