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New Millennium Essences, customised flower essence blend, customised blend, In the Zone Healing

Introducing the powerful New Millennium flower essences. The New Millennium Essences were initially founded by Peter Archer, and are very advanced in their healing ability due to many breakthrough innovations that Peter developed in the field of flower essence therapy. Glenys was mentored by Peter and joined him in the work of co-creating the essences, which are now available for your healing.


You can either order an essence blend specially customised to enhance your personal and spiritual growth, and your wellbeing on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Or you can now order the New Millennium Essences individually.

Customised Flower Essence blend

Custom blend
New Millennium Essences, customised flower essence blend, customized blend, In the Zone Healing

Many physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual issues can be addressed with a customised blend of the powerful New Millennium flower essences, created specifically to aid your healing. The flower essence blend can then be mailed to you anywhere in the world. This service includes email support for any questions or concerns while you are taking the essence blend.

To order your flower essence blend, email us with some details of your current state of health. A lot of information is not necessary: just a list of symptoms (if any), a brief summary of any issues, and a short (just a few sentences at most) summary of the changes you want for yourself.


Contents 25 ml.


Total value: NZD $50 for a custom flower essence blend + shipping


New Millennium Flower Essences

New Millennium flower essences stock bottles

The New Millennium Essences are a powerful range of flower essences, created in Aotearoa, New Zealand, by the late Peter Archer and his team of co-workers. Click here to read the story of how the New Millennium Essences came into being.


The New Millennium Essences are made in the tradition of Dr Edward Bach's Flower Remedies, but they are very different from the original Bach remedies. Humanity's perceptions, expectations and emotional awareness have evolved a lot since the 1930s when Dr Bach first developed his range. Life is also a lot faster paced than it was back then, and the rate of change is speeding up.


The New Millennium Essences have been made in the energy of the 21st century to specifically address the issues facing humanity right now. They not only directly address the issues now faced by the mass consciousness of humanity, but they have the unique ability of balancing simplicity with complexity:  simple and easy to use, yet complex in the way in which they treat the many layers of issues faced by people today

Since Peter's death, the original New Millennium Essences website,, has been decommissioned. However, a large number of essences from the many original sets are still available. See the NM Essences catalogue for details.

Among the unique sets of the New Millennium Essences available are:

  • Debugger: for help with attached entities, dark forces or malevolent energies, and hexes, curses and black magic spells

  • Skin Care: designed to be added to skin care and beauty products, to enhance the effect of those products

  • Animal Healing: for animal healing and wellbeing, with specific essences to help domestic animals adjust to living in a human-controlled world.

The NM Essences are gradually being added to the Online Store. If you can't find the product you want there, view the catalogue, then contact us to arrange your order.

Each essence in the range is available in a 10-ml stock-strength bottle.

Total value: NZD $19 per bottle + shipping

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