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Energy Healing by Glenys Earle, for energy healing for greater vitality, energy healing for health, energy healing for resolving emotional issues

Everything is energy. Energy gives us our vitality – the experience of being alive. Energy flows constantly through and around our body.

Many of our energy flows must follow defined pathways in a particular direction, much as our blood must circulate from our heart, through the arteries and then the veins back to the heart. And just as with our circulatory system, we can experience blockages in the flow of energy, with energy depletion in some areas, and a build-up of excess energy in others. Pain, for example, can be a symptom of excess or blocked energy.

Emotions that are unresolved, either because we find it difficult to express them or deal with them appropriately, trap energy in various locations in the body cells. This can lead to energy blockages. Energy blockages or incorrect energy flows can then result in a long list of possible symptoms, including tiredness and fatigue, depression, pain, reduced mental functioning, weakened immunity and inability to cope emotionally with life.

How Energy Healing can help you

There are many, diverse conditions that Energy Healing can help relieve or improve. Here are some examples:

Relief from Stress and Anxiety

Woman looking stressed, energy healing for stress, energy healing for anxiety, relief from stress, relief from anxiety

Stress is the “dis-ease” of the 21st century – right? Everybody experiences stress at some time or another, often on a daily basis.

Stress is a natural protective mechanism designed to enable us to survive in emergencies. The problem arises when we remain stressed for long periods.
You may end up suffering from insomnia, high blood pressure, tension headaches and/or digestive problems.

Book a Stress Buster Energy Healing session with me to not only relieve the effects of stress or anxiety, but I will also show you tools to manage future stress or anxiety more effectively.


Help for Constant Tiredness or Insomnia

Man at desk feeling tired, energy healing for tiredness, energy healing for insomnia, relief from constant tiredness, relief from insomnia

Whether you’re constantly tired during the day, or unable to sleep during the night, you know how distressing it can be.

Sleep is necessary for the maintenance and repair of our body. Long-term lack of sleep leaves us unable to fully function physically, mentally or emotionally.


Typical symptoms of chronic tiredness include difficulty concentrating, memory loss, mood swings and weakened immune system. More serious cases may result in weight gain, poor balance, lowered sex drive and being at risk for diabetes.


An Energy Healing session will not only will not only help you to get more sleep and feel more rested, but you will gain tools to manage your sleep patterns more effectively in future.


Relief from Chronic Pain

Woman in pain, headache, relief from neck pain, relief for muscle pain, energy healing for chronic pain, managing chronic pain

Energy healing can be very helpful for chronic pain, particularly where there is no known acute physical reason.

Chronic pain, especially in muscles or joints throughout the body, can be a sign of blocked energy. Pain also saps our energy and vitality.


An Energy Healing session with me will help you re-establish your healthy energy flows.
My clients often feedback that their pain is reduced or resolved without pain killers.


Recovery from Past Emotional Pain or Hurt

Young woman feeling sad, energy healing for emotional recovery, energy healing for healing past hurt, help for unresolved emotions, release emotional pain, healing from relationship breakups, free emotions for more vitality

Relationship breakups, loss of loved ones, abuse, betrayal and many other situations in which we’ve been hurt, leave traces in our body and in our energy system.

Unresolved emotions are stored, literally, in the body cells, and can lead to blocked or reduced energy flows. Holding those emotions in place also takes up a lot of your energy, so you have less vitality to get through each day. You then become numb, making it harder to feel happy or joyful.


Your long-term health depends on releasing old hurts and emotional pain, so you can move on and find new directions in life. Book your Energy Healing sessions with me to help you release deep emotional pain, so you can move on in life, and more easily access states of happiness and joy.


Benefits of Energy Healing

Family walking on beach, full of health & vitality, In the Zone Healing benefits, benefits of energy healing, be less stressed, have more energy, sleep better, no more aches & pains, greater emotional balance

Energy Healing works holistically to balance your whole body, mind and emotions. For this reason working on one or two issues can produce wide-ranging results. For example, if you receive treatment for stress, you are very likely to achieve more energy, better sleep, less pain and feel happier.

Depending on the number and types of treatments, you can expect to:

  • have more energy and vitality

  • sleep better

  • be stressed or anxious less often

  • suffer less (or not at all) from chronic aches and pains

  • be more emotionally balanced

  • think more clearly

More ways that Energy Healing can help

I was fortunate enough to be given a treatment by Glenys several months after a really traumatic event. The dramatic response of my body to the very gentle treatment surprised me greatly!

It was not until a few days after the session that I realised that I had been in a constant state of

hyper-vigilance since the trauma (several months!) and had now been moved out of this state and was able to relax.

Glenys had observed the state I was in and was absolutely right about her healing session being much needed.

Jessie, Tairua, NZ

There are lots more ways that Energy Healing can help you.

Here are some more:

Relief and/or improvement for:

  • Low or depleted energy and vitality, including chronic fatigue

  • Weakened immune system and/or autoimmune conditions

  • Headaches, eye strain and sinus conditions

  • Neck and shoulder tension

  • Aching or stiff muscles and joints, and poor muscle tone

  • Poor concentration and/or memory

  • Learning difficulties

  • Poor coordination and balance

  • Sensitivity to electromagnetic devices, computers, mobile phones, etc.

  • Releasing fears and resentments

  • Facilitating physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing

  • Releasing blockages to abundance or moving forward in life

  • Clearing past trauma, including generational trauma

  • Balancing hormones


And energetic support as preparation for, during or after:

  • Surgery, or treatments for serious medical conditions

  • Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy

  • Fertility attempts or treatments

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