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Help for Tiredness and Insomnia
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Whether you’re constantly tired during the day, or unable to sleep during the night, you know how distressing it can be. This is something that my clients report frequently, so if you suffer from tiredness, you are not alone.

Sleep is necessary for the maintenance and repair of our body. Long-term lack of sleep leaves us unable to fully function physically, mentally or emotionally.


Typical symptoms of chronic tiredness include difficulty concentrating, memory loss, mood swings and weakened immune system. More serious cases may result in weight gain, poor balance, lowered sex drive and being at risk for diabetes.

Using energy healing I can help you resolve issues of chronic tiredness or insomnia by enquiring into the underlying causes and then resolving them at the deeper level.

There are also some really easy Energy Medicine techniques, such as the one below, that you can learn to help you whenever you feel really tired during the day. Contact me or sign up for an energy healing session with me to learn more.

What does the treatment entail?

A typical energy healing treatment for tiredness or insomnia may involve:

What are the results & timeframes?

Individual cases vary, but in general, a course of up to 6 healing sessions is required, in order to help establish healthy new energy habits and patterns in the body.

These sessions will not only will not only help you to get more sleep and feel more rested, but you will gain tools to manage your sleep patterns more effectively in future.

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