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Akashic Soul Readings

What is an Akashic Soul Reading?

The Akashic Hall of Records is the library of all thoughts, words, emotions, intent and experiences of all human lifetimes that have occurred in the past, present and future. These records are encoded in the quantum energy field.

The quantum or zero point field is a field of energy and information from which everything in our Universe manifests. It contains all wisdom and knowledge holographically encoded – every energetic vibration of thought and experience – including all the information about your past lives and your future potential. This information can be accessed through an Akashic Soul Reading.

How does it work?

By accessing the Akashic Records all the patterns and experiences of past lifetimes can be read, as well as karmic connections with others in your life, your soul path and your highest potential for this lifetime.

The quantum energy field responds to conscious intention. This means that it is possible to talk to the intelligence within our cells and to work with the body wisdom to release emotional blocks and beliefs not serving us.


By reading the Akashic Records, recurring patterns of behaviour and beliefs over many lifetimes can be revealed. This allows those patterns to be healed at a soul level, thereby releasing the emotional and physical conditions being experienced now.


Who does it help?

An Akashic Soul Records Reading can help you gain clarity about your direction in life, as well as to better understand your relationships. It can also identify patterns of behaviour or experiences from previous lives that are recurring in this lifetime. When used in conjunction with an Emotional or Physical Healing, it is possible to heal these patterns at a soul level, by accessing the intelligence of the body’s wisdom..

An Akashic Soul Records Reading can provide a greater understanding of:

  • Your life path and higher potentials, helping you to decide on your direction in your career or personal life

  • The nature of karmic connections with others in your life, including with family members, partners, children, work colleagues and friends

  • Significant lifetimes that are impacting on you now, including lifetimes from which you can draw on significant talents and abilities

  • Any soul contracts you have made in previous lifetimes

An Akashic Soul Records Reading, when combined with an Emotional or Physical Healing can:

  • Identify and release emotional blocks and beliefs that are not serving you, derived from patterns created in previous lifetimes

  • Identify seed causes of physical conditions from previous lifetimes or soul wounding

  • Allow you to directly access the body’s wisdom to heal these seed causes and recurring patterns


What are the results & timeframes?

An Akashic Soul Reading can provide insights and direction to guide you on your soul journey.

Emotional blocks and beliefs can be transformed fast and effectively via an Akashic Healing. However, we have all accumulated a multitude of past trauma and disempowering beliefs over our many lifetimes.

Therefore, you may choose from 2 to 3 weekly sessions, as required. By the end of this time, you can expect to see real positive change. However, monthly “tune-ups” are a good option for ongoing care and maintenance of physical and emotional wellbeing.

More serious conditions may require longer treatment times, and this is decided with you on a case-by-case basis.

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