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The Akashic Records: what are they?

Since I have been conducting Akashic Records readings & healings, many people have expressed curiosity about the Akashic Records. And it’s a topic that has fascinated me since I first heard about them many years ago in my Metaphysics training.

The Akashic Hall of Records has been taught since ancient times in many different spiritual traditions. It is the repository of all our individual thoughts, beliefs, actions and life events, not just for this life, but across all our past lifetimes.

Library of Akashic soul records
Akashic Hall of Records

It has often been depicted as a type of library, only on a “higher plane”, which stores a “book” for each soul. If you enter the Halls and find your book, you can read the record of your soul’s journey through time – past and future.

However, with our modern scientific understandings of the world, does this explanation still hold?

We can find some better answers from our modern understanding of reality as described via Quantum Physics.

Space filled with zero point quantum field
Zero Point Field or quantum field

As scientists “drilled down” into the atom and its constituent particles, they discovered that there is nothing but a vast field of pure energy, called the Zero Point Field or quantum field. This field exists at the fundamental core of reality. Subatomic particles are constantly appearing out of this field and disappearing back into it within miniscule timeframes.

What we perceive as solid matter is the “persistence” of the effect of these subatomic particles, although it’s certainly hard to believe when we bang into a wall!!

Quantum physicists also tell us that this field contains information. The movement of all particles creates waves in this field, which interfere with each other. The information produced by the interference of these waves is then stored holographically in the zero point field. This means that every point in the field contains the information of the total field. In fact, according to physicist Nassim Haramein, all the information in the entire Universe is stored in every proton.

This field of information records our thoughts, which are energy, as well as the movement of all atoms, molecules and everything we see, including living beings.

So, how does quantum theory relate to the Akashic Records?

We now have an explanation for the ancient understanding of the Akashic Records. All our thoughts, words and actions are recorded in this quantum field. And because they are recorded holographically, the information is available everywhere within the field.

What is an Akashic Records reading?

When I give an Akashic reading, I am connecting to the Akashic soul record of the person requesting the reading. And I need that person’s permission to do the reading.

Shelf of books: Reading a person's Akashic soul record

It’s not possible to read for someone else in the same reading, although we can enquire into the nature and underlying karmic dynamics of relationships. For example, I can ask what soul agreements a client has with another, such as their partner, child or parent. I can also ask what past lives may have influenced those agreements.

An Akashic reading can elucidate a lot of useful information about what is going on in our life at present. It can answer such questions as:

  • What are my soul agreements and purpose for this life?

  • What are my soul gifts and talents?

  • What is my highest potential in this lifetime?

  • What past lives may be influencing or causing a current situation or ill health?

The Akashic Records reading is always framed in the context of your present lifetime. In other words, the aim is elicit information from the records that help you to overcome your challenges, and to reveal and stay true to your soul purpose.

Traumatic experiences from past lives are often influencing events in our current life. For example, one client discovered that her broken leg, which was continuing to trouble her, had a strong resonance with a lifetime in which she died of leg injuries on a battlefield.

The client and I then work together using a process similar to voice dialogue to heal the trauma in the past lifetime. By working with the past-life traumas in this way, it is then possible to heal and resolve the current issue at its source. This process can be used not only for physical injuries and conditions, but also for difficult relationship dynamics or emotional challenges.

I recently resolved an issue of a sudden, very powerful grief. I had lost some close relatives, but I couldn’t account for the extreme feelings I was experiencing. I discovered that in a past lifetime I had lost all my friends and family, and most of my village in a devastating volcanic eruption. The loss of relatives in this lifetime had brought the earlier trauma to the fore. Using the Akashic Records healing technique, I was able to resolve the extreme feelings of grief to a more balanced feeling of sadness.

Open book with stop watch for Akashic records reading

A healing, when combined with an Akashic Records reading, can bring profound resolution of physical, emotional and spiritual issues because it can identify the source event, and allow the healing to take place there. The subsequent healing then flows through all time, bringing peace and resolution in this time.

If you want to know more about me or my Energy Healing work, click here, and to book an Akashic Records session with me, click here.


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