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In the Zone Healing events, expos and festivals

Glenys exhibits at holistic markets and expos in Hamilton and Auckland, as well as other locations around the upper North Island.

Glenys also gives regular workshops and talks on Energy Medicine. Topics include how to overcome stress and anxiety, and how to improve sleep and regain your energy. Check out the Workshop schedule here.

Mind, Body & Spirit Events - Tauranga

The Mind, Body & Spirit Events are a series of holistic markets held over a weekend at various locations in the upper North Island. The next event I will be attending is in Tauranga.

As usual you will have the opportunity to experience some energy healing, or check out the beautiful Living Energy aromatherapy products and the new Animal Helpers range of New Millennium flower essences.


Offerings include:


  • ThetaHealing (20 mins)

  • Indian head massage taster (10 mins)

  • Aromatherapy sprays for stress, energy or sleep issues

  • The powerful New Millennium flower essences

  • ...and more.

The next weekend event is:




August 2024 (dates TBD)

10 am - 5 pm

Tauranga Racecourse

1383 Cameron Road



Mind Body Spirit Event at Tauranga Aug 2024
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