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The Living Energy aromatherapy range was created by Glenys Earle, founder of In the Zone Healing, and a specialist in vibrational healing remedies.

In her work Glenys uses energy healing to help people overcome stress, anxiety, tiredness, sleeplessness and sensitivity to energy, as well as many other issues of 21st century life. Glenys also runs workshops to empower people with techniques to help them overcome these issues for themselves. The range of Living Energy spray blends was inspired by this work.

When Glenys first encountered Essential Oils back in the early 1990s, it was love at first sight. She started using them every day in her personal life over many years for first aid, and emotional support and upliftment. Her specialty is creating blends with oils containing the required healing properties, yet with subtle, pleasing and balanced aromas.

Glenys still works with the New Millennium Essences, and they are an essential ingredient in the Living Energy aromatherapy spray blends. and the Everyday Emergency flower essence blend.


Glenys is also available to create customised flower essence blends to address any issues you may want resolving. Click here for more details. And you can order the New Millennium Essences individually from the Online Store.

As Glenys is proficient in working with subtle energies, she also offers products from the Life Energy Designs range, which provide protection from harmful electro-magnetic radiation and negative energy. In particular, the POWER Energy Balancer p.e.bal is a must for protection from the roll-out of the 5G mobile phone network.

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