Yoga, for me, is not just an “exercise” routine, but a powerful tool to transform all aspects of my life. My work integrates a comprehensive grounding in the ancient yoga teachings with the latest findings in scientific research about the body, to help you better understand the “why” of your yoga practice.

What I want you to achieve from your yoga practice is to connect with your own inner stillness – to find peace and wisdom within.

I encourage you to tap into your own inner knowing and sensing, so that your practice is authentic for you. And my aim in the classes is to inspire you to take yoga “off the mat” and apply the key principles you’ll learn in your everyday life.


I can help you design a yoga practice to suit a modern busy lifestyle, one which provides the maximum benefit for the minimum effort.

Private Yoga lessons

Private yoga classes allow you to work one-on-one with a qualified yoga teacher to address YOUR individual yoga needs. I help to ground you in your current practice and extend you safely to your next level.

Some of the reasons you may want the individual attention of one-on-one classes:

  • You are just starting yoga, or restarting after a long pause, and want to acquire the basics in a safe and private environment

  • You want individual, focused help in refining your current yoga postures, with an emphasis on appropriate alignment, so that you move into and out of postures in a way that supports your body in where it’s at right now

  • You already have a yoga practice that you are comfortable with, but need assistance moving it up to your next level.




Private yoga lessons are one-hour in duration:

  • Private yoga lessons - $70 each

  • Prepay 3 lessons - $190

  • Prepay 5 lessons - $320

You need to attend at least 2 lessons if you would like a tailored home practice session developed for you.



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