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Emotional Recovery
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Relationship breakups, loss of loved ones, abuse, betrayal and many other situations in which we’ve been hurt, leave traces in our body and our energy system. All of us have suffered from one or more of these issues at some time, and they can leave a lasting legacy in the body.

Unresolved emotions are stored, literally, in the body cells, and can lead to blocked or reduced energy flows. Holding those emotions in place also takes up a lot of your energy, so you have less vitality to get through each day. You then become numb, making it harder to feel happy or joyful.


Your long-term health depends on releasing old hurts and emotional pain, so you can move on and find new directions in life. With energy healing I can help you identify the root causes of emotional pain and guide you through releasing it.

What does the treatment entail?

A typical energy healing treatment for emotional healing and recovery may involve:

What are the results & timeframes?

Individual cases vary, but in general, a course of 3 to 6 healing sessions is required.

By releasing the deep emotional pain that is stored in the body, you will regain energy, find it easier move on in life, and be able to more easily access states of happiness and joy.

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