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Aura Restorer

Aura Restorer spray for cleansing & strengthening the aura

The Aura Restorer aromatherapy spray blend cleanses and strengthens the human aura, or energy field, so that your body is better able to repair holes and breaks in the auric field.

It also helps balance your body and energy field after exposure to radiation from computers, clock radios, mobile phones and other electrical appliances.

Click here to view a test of the Aura Restorer spray

using aura photography.

Contents 50 ml.

Shake well, spray lightly around the head and sweep down over the body.

External use only.

Cost: NZD $22 + shipping


The Aura Restorer spray blend contains essential oils of Spanish Sage, Geranium, Lemon and Lavender, plus a blend of the following New Millennium Essences flower essences, in a base of pure water and vodka.

Warrior rose, aura cleanse, repair & debug New Millennium flower essence

Warrior Rose - aura cleanse, repair & debug

Cleanses and strengthens the aura, so that the body is better able to repair holes and breaks in its auric energy field, due to the stresses induced in the body by modern living, environmental toxins and electromagnetic radiation.

Sunblest rose, energy anatomy cleanse & repair New Millennium flower essence

Sunblest Rose - energy anatomy cleanse & repair

“Master Healer” for the energy anatomy system. Reconnects a person’s energy anatomy system to the original blueprints of the human body.

Yesterday rose, emotional clearing New Millennium flower essence

Yesterday Rose - emotional clearing

Processes and releases dormant, unbalanced emotional energy entities, buried deep in the subconscious mind, preventing them from activating symptoms in the body or mind.

Clematis Warzawska Nike, negative energy release New Millennium flower essence

Clematis Warzawska Nike - negative energy release

Helps release all forms of negative and emotional energy that have been picked up from other people and the environment, from sources like TV, violent movies and video games. Also helps release negative energies of a more extreme and invasive nature, such as hexes and curses.

Pachystegia rufa, trauma energy release New Millennium flower essence

Pachystegia rufa - trauma energy release

Helps process and release the energy of shock and trauma in the body at all levels, from trauma that results from physical injury to the body, to emotional-type trauma such as shock from bad news.

Divine Love stone, heart chakra New Millennium gem essence

Divine Love stone - heart chakra

The essence of the “wellspring of creativity”. Until one is nourished by the heart, nothing can flow. Helps to strengthen self-love, so that Divine Love can be anchored in one’s heart-space.

Ilex Argentea Marginata, self-worth New Millennium flower essence

Ilex Argentea Marginata - self-worth

For help at all levels with self worth and self esteem, by addressing the underlying emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

Bottlebrush, support on all levels New Millennium flower essence

Bottlebrush - support on all levels

For support on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Includes the support needed to help us in our ongoing learning of what Truth is.

Feverfew, body energy, body balance, New Millennium flower essence

Feverfew - body energy and balance

Helping us to maintain balance in the physical body, and to keep our body energy in alignment with our highest purpose.

Amber Queen rose, stability, New Millennium flower essence

Amber Queen Rose - stability

For stability on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Helps hold a person rock-steady while healing takes place, allowing healing to occur at a much faster pace. For any circumstances where stability is needed.

Serendipity rose, complete protection New Millennium flower essence

Serendipity Rose - complete protection

For protection from malevolent energetic attack to a person’s body or energy system from any hostile, negative source. Includes protection from so-called “dark forces” and entities from the astral plane.

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