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Aura photographs

Glenys tested the Aura Restorer spray using aura photography by Bruce Powley.


Two consecutive aura photographs were taken about 5 minutes apart. Glenys sprayed the Aura Restorer over her crown between the two photos.

Before spraying
Aura Restorer

Aura photo before spraying Aura Restorer

After spraying

Aura Restorer

Aura photo after spraying Aura Restorer

Glenys' aura is mostly green, denoting communicative, balanced, creative qualities; combined with blue showing her caring, sensitive, helpful & intuitive nature.

The colours generally relate to someone who is a healer, teacher, and lover of animals & Nature.

After spraying the Aura Restorer, the green and blue colours are still present, but a large area of violet & white light shows above the crown, denoting intuitive & visionary abilities, with access to higher dimensions & transcendent states.

The Crown centre has opened to allow an inflow of higher spiritual energies.

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