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Energy Boost

Energy Boost spray for recovery from fatigue, illness or surgery

The Energy Boost aromatherapy spray blend helps enhance your energy and vitality when you are suffering from chronic tiredness or fatigue, or when recovering from illness or surgery.

It also rebalances the body's energy, and helps release any underlying emotional energy left in the body.

Contents 50 ml.

Shake well, spray lightly around the head and sweep down over the body.
External use only.


Cost: NZD $22 + shipping


The Energy Boost spray blend contains essential oils of Fragonia, Ginger, Lime, Lemon Eucalyptus and Black Spruce, plus a blend of the following New Millennium Essences flower essences, in a base of pure water and vodka.

Red anthurium, body symptoms release New Millennium flower essence

Red Anthurium - body symptoms release

Helps to release old symptoms that have been embedded deeply into the body for a long time; for when the original issues have been resolved, but the symptoms persist, as if they have taken on an independent existence.

Begonia diadema, body overhaul & rejuvenation New Millennium flower essence

Begonia diadema - body overhaul & rejuvenation

For physical body rejuvenation and overhaul; when undergoing radical change to help the body to adapt and undergo a major overhaul, in alignment with one’s changed reality.

Kiskadee rose, body energy kickstart New Millennium flower essence

Kiskadee Rose - body energy kickstart

Helps to give the body a good “energy kickstart”, allowing the body to re‑order itself into a more efficient and holistic unit. For when the body has had to undergo many changes and make many rebalancing adjustments, and things are no longer quite working as well as they should.

Pink cyclamen, total energy rejuvenation New Millennium flower essence

Pink Cyclamen - total energy rejuvenation

For helping the human energy system to become totally renewed and rejuvenated in alignment with the New Energy of the 21st century, and to remove any impediments preventing the process from occurring.

Grass, tiredness & fatigue, New Millennium flower essence

Grass - tiredness and fatigue

For all aspects of tiredness and fatigue, including help for the low energy aspect of tiredness, and for when we have to keep going even when feeling exhausted.

Sea Foam rose, immune system boost, New Millennium flower essence

Sea Foam Rose - immune system boost

Helps the body to balance and regulate its immune system, which is a very vital component of our physical body.

Feverfew, body energy & balance, New Millennium flower essence

Feverfew - body energy and balance

Helping us to maintain balance in the physical body, and to keep our body energy in alignment with our highest purpose.

Cactus, energy rebalancing New Millennium flower essence

Cactus - energy rebalancing

For help with rebalancing one’s energy, after a major incident or negative experience, when a person’s energy has been knocked totally off-balance or flattened by a really serious negative experience.

Virgo rose, emotional residue dissolve New Millennium flower essence

Virgo Rose - emotional residue dissolve

For dissolving fragments of emotional energy that have been left behind once the actual emotional issues have been dealt with and resolved.

Warrior rose, aura cleanse, repair & debug New Millennium flower essence

Warrior Rose - aura cleanse, repair & debug

Cleanses and strengthens the aura, so that the body is better able to repair holes and breaks in its auric energy field, due to the stresses induced in the body by modern living, environmental toxins and electromagnetic radiation.

Bottlebrush, support on all levels New Millennium flower essence

Bottlebrush - support on all levels

For support on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Includes the support needed to help us in our ongoing learning of what Truth is.

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