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Stress Less

Stress Less spray for stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, overwhelm

The Stress Less aromatherapy spray blend helps relieve all forms of stress and anxiety, including burn-out, as well as depression or overwhelm.

It provides physical and emotional support to help your body and mind release the stress. It is also helpful when thoughts are running out of control or your mind is stuck in negative thinking patterns.

Contents 50 ml.

Shake well, spray lightly around the head and sweep down over the body.

External use only.


Cost: NZD $22 + shipping

The Stress Less spray blend contains essential oils of Lavender, Bergamot, Orange, Geranium and Patchouli, plus a blend of the following New Millennium Essences flower essences, in a base of pure water and vodka.

Scorched pigface, stress, low energy, New Millennium flower essence

Scorched Pigface - stress and low energy

For feeling stressed and burnt out, and also to help resolve the underlying reasons why a person is manifesting this stress in their life.

Penstemon hartwegii - stuck thinking New Millennium flower essence

Penstemon hartwegii - stuck thinking

For all aspects of feeling stuck and powerless in the face of perceived adversity, and for help with the self-judgement that often accompanies it.

Olearia Lavender Queen - overwhelmed New Millennium flower essence

Olearia Lavender Queen - overwhelmed

For helping a person to see the truth of all of those “everyday challenges” that grind one down, and leave one feeling flat and blue; to help one see what it is that is really underlying this feeling, and to let it go.

Amaranthus Green Tails - depression New Millennium flower essence

Amaranthus Green Tails - depression

Help with realising that depression is a state of mind, that we always have the ability to choose our state of mind, and that there is no person, thing or circumstance outside of ourself that can force us to be “depressed”.

Pepper tree, negative thought forms New Millennium flower essence

Pepper Tree - negative thought forms

Helps release from the body and the energy field, all forms of negative thought forms, energetic blocks held in the body, and energetic entities including memes.

Virgo rose, emotional residue dissolve New Millennium flower essence

Virgo Rose - emotional residue dissolve

For dissolving fragments of emotional energy that have been left behind once the actual emotional issues have been dealt with and resolved.

Sea Foam rose, immune system boost, New Millennium flower essence

Sea Foam Rose - immune system boost

Helps the body to balance and regulate its immune system, which is a very vital component of our physical body.

Bottlebrush - support on all levels New Millennium flower essence

Bottlebrush - support on all levels

For support on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Includes the support needed to help us in our ongoing learning of what Truth is.

Feverfew, body energy, body balance, New Millennium flower essence

Feverfew - body energy and balance

Helping us to maintain balance in the physical body, and to keep our body energy in alignment with our highest purpose.

Amber Queen rose, stability, New Millennium flower essence

Amber Queen Rose - stability

For stability on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Helps hold a person rock-steady while healing takes place, allowing healing to occur at a much faster pace. For any circumstances where stability is needed.

Warrior rose - aura cleanse, repair & debug New Millennium flower essence

Warrior Rose - aura cleanse, repair & debug

Cleanses and strengthens the aura, so that the body is better able to repair holes and breaks in its auric energy field, due to the stresses induced in the body by modern living, environmental toxins and electromagnetic radiation.

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