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Tech Protect

Tech Protect spray for protection from emf

The Tech Protect aromatherapy spray blend for relief and protection from all forms of electromagnetic field radiation (emf), including wifi, mobile phones and computer screens.

also provides protection from the negative effects of artificial indoor environments containing fluorescent lighting and air conditioning, as well as relief from negative emotional energies.

Contents 50 ml.

Shake well, spray lightly around the head and sweep down over the body.
External use only.

Cost: NZD $22 + shipping

Tech protect

The Tech Protect spray blend contains essential oils of Spanish Sage, Himalayan Cedarwood, Fragonia and Lavender, plus a blend of the following New Millennium Essences flower essences, in a base of pure water and vodka.

Pieris Mountain Fire, emf radiation New Millennium flower essence

Pieris Mountain Fire - electromagnetic radiation

Helps our body cells and our energetic system cope with being exposed to electro-magnetic radiation of various types, including computers, office equipment, electrical cabling, etc.

Rhododendron cornubia, emf radiation protection, New Millennium flower essence

Rhododendron Cornubia - emf protection

Helps our body to strengthen itself against the health-damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation, especially its impact on the subtle energy anatomy of the body – i.e. the meridians and chakras.

Akaroa red camellia, computer screens, New Millennium flower essence

Akaroa Red Camellia - computer screens

Helps our body to cope with the effects of radiation from computers, including from the screen and other components of the computer.

Violet daisy, senses overstimulation, New Millennium flower essence

Violet Daisy - senses overstimulation

Helps our body to cope with the overstimulation of senses that can occur when a person is exposed to too much computer screen time, or very busy environments with lots of noise and movement.

Yellow wattle, negative energy immunity, New Millennium flower essence

Yellow Wattle - negative energy immunity

Provides some “immunity” from picking up negative energies from the environment, especially emotional energy sometimes shed by people due to conflict and inner turmoil.

Umbrella plant, workplace emotional energy, New Millennium flower essence

Umbrella Plant - workplace emotional energy

Helps in dealing with the intense emotional energy that is often present in the workplace, including both old emotional energy left in the space, as well as the ongoing day-to-day emotional energy of a workplace.

Camellia Shot Silk, air conditioning syndrome, New Millennium flower essence

Camellia Shot Silk - air conditioning syndrome

For coping with the effects of being surrounded by dry air-conditioned or pumped air, which is stripped of health-giving negative ions, and is devoid of the life-force energy that air contains in a natural environment.

Camellia Bell Bird,  artificial environment, New Millennium flower essence

Camellia Bell Bird - artificial environment

For coping with being in an artificial environment, inside a man-made building, away from the natural support that is automatically provided by Nature to the human body and spirit when we are outdoors in Nature.

Small white magnolia, artificial lights, New Millennium flower essence

Small White Magnolia - artificial light syndrome

For coping with the effects of being under artificial lighting, away from the natural light of the sun, and for the negative impact of fluorescent lighting, which includes the flickering, radiation and unnatural spectrum.

Mutabilis rose, fluorescent lights, New Millennium flower essence

Mutabilis Rose - fluorescent lights

Helps our body to deal with the health-damaging effects of fluorescent lighting, such as the interference with the body's energy field that happens when exposed to the radiation from fluorescent lights.

Pieris Yakushimensis, unbalanced earth energies, New Millennium flower essence

Pieris Yakushimensis - unbalanced earth energy

For coping with unbalanced earth energies inside a building, and which are amplified and carried through the building by some of the building materials, including the steel mesh inside the reinforced concrete walls.

Magnolia Royal Purple, block cosmic energies, New Millennium flower essence

Magnolia Royal Purple - cosmic energies block

For ameliorating the effects inside a building of the blockage of beneficial cosmic energies, which are needed by the human body to support optimum health.

Warrior rose, aura cleanse, repair & debug, New Millennium flower essence

Warrior Rose - aura cleanse, repair & debug

Cleanses and strengthens the aura, so that the body is better able to repair holes and breaks in its auric energy field, due to the stresses induced in the body by modern living, environmental toxins and electromagnetic radiation.

Hibertia, super-debugger, New Millennium flower essence

Hibertia - super-debugger

"Debugs" and removes negativity and energetic entities of all kinds, including attached entities and etheric parasites.

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