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Flower Essence Therapy: using the New Millennium Essences

In the last blogpost I discussed some ways to help you choose the flower essences that you may need for yourself and others, such as your family, friends or clients.

Once you have selected, and purchased, the required flower essences, the next step is to use them. You have the choice of taking a single essence on its own or making up a treatment mixture of several essences.

New Millennium Essences from Basic Starter range

Taking a single essence

The New Millennium essences are supplied as stock bottles in a 10-ml bottle (about one-third of an ounce).

10ml bottle with Rosy Cushion Rose, Yesterday Rose flower essences

You can dispense one (1) essence at a time directly from the stock bottle. We recommend you take only one drop per dose when taking the undiluted stock essence. Usually the drop is placed on the tongue, but you can also place it anywhere on the skin. If you want to take multiple essences at a time via this method, pause at least two minutes between taking each essence.

For example, you may decide you want the Rosy Cushion Rose: Negative Energy Release and Yesterday Rose: Emotional Clearing essences straight from the stock bottle. First take one drop of the first essence, wait a couple of minutes for that essence to be integrated, then take one drop of the second essence.

You can also add one drop of an essence to food or drink, in which case you may add more than one essence at a time – e.g. one drop each of the two essences above.

Making up a treatment mix of multiple essences

25ml bottle for making up blends of flower essences

The usual method of dispensing essences is to prepare a separate dropper bottle (classically 25-ml size). Fill the bottle with pure water and, optionally, a little brandy. Then add four (4) drops from the stock bottle of each of the essences needed for this blend. With this method your stock bottle lasts much longer.

Here’s how to decide what to include in the blend:

  1. Write down all the issues you want to address in this particular mixture.

  2. Use an intuitive method (e.g. pendulum) to come up with a list. It’s also ok to include essences from other essence makers that you may have in your collection – e.g. the Bach Flowers™.

  3. When you come up with your treatment mix, there are a number of things you should also check:

  • Does the list of essences address all the issues that you would like to resolve?

  • Are there too many essences in the list? We recommend no more than 12 essences maximum at a time, plus a Master Linkage essence (see below), as being the maximum that a person can reasonably cope with in one treatment. In practice, especially at first, you may want to restrict yourself to fewer. You don’t want to overload yourself or others with too much all at once!

  • Then ask intuitively if the list of essences is complete. If not, then retest.

  • Also ask intuitively how long the treatment should last. As a general rule, this time may be anything from 14 to 28 days.

The role of the Master Linkage essences

There are several New Millennium essences that are designated as a “Master Linkage” and they play a special role in “tying together” an essence mix. (See our July 2022 blogpost for more details.) They include the Redwood Tree with Creeper, designed for use with the New Generation Alchemy and Core Issues sets, and the Kawakawa with Rock for the Quantum and Alchemy sets of the New Millennium Essences.

When making blends containing the above essences, add four drops of the appropriate Master Linkage essence to the mixture. For example, if you are making a blend of a number of Quantum or Alchemy essences (together with any other essences), then add four drops of the Kawakawa with Rock essence.

A word about the use of brandy in essence blends

You can leave out the brandy in a treatment blend provided that you use the purest possible water and the course of treatment is for a maximum of 14 days. In this case, it’s best to keep the bottle in the refrigerator. However, be very careful not to touch the dropper against the tongue or fingers, etc. to avoid introducing any bacteria. (If you do accidentally touch the dropper, it can be washed out under a running tap.)

For all other cases, such as in hot weather, or when the course of treatment is to last longer than 14 days, a preservative is essential. While any form of alcohol suitable for human consumption can be used (e.g. vodka, gin, etc.), it is the convention to use brandy. For short to medium-term use (14 days to one month), a teaspoon of brandy should be sufficient. For longer-term storage, e.g. if you are dispensing a bottle to use “as required” over a long-term period, you should add at least 30% brandy.

If the addition of alcohol is undesirable or even impossible (e.g. for alcoholics or people who are allergic to alcohol), a good alternative to alcohol is cider vinegar. For young children, try to avoid using alcohol wherever possible, or keep the quantity to a minimum. It is not necessary to give babies or toddlers the essences orally: a few drops can be placed on the forehead or the soles of the feet.

And now some final points to be aware of when diagnosing and dispensing essences

Aura around body showing vibrational subtle energy
  • Flower essences are purely vibrational or energetic in their action — that is, they work primarily on the subtle levels of the etheric, emotional and mental bodies, and not at all using a direct biochemical action at the physical cellular level. (They can, of course, facilitate healing at the physical level!) This means that there is no danger of overdosing, and harming yourself or someone else.

  • Since flower essences are vibrational, each time you take the essence, it’s one dose — no matter how big that dose is. If you drink the whole bottle in one go (not recommended), it’s still one dose!

  • If you take an essence that you do not need at that time, it is ignored by the body. This means that you cannot do any harm by giving the “wrong” essence. Of course, you should take care with your diagnosis, but if you accidentally give a remedy that they do not require, it won’t harm the person.

Woman suffering emotional pain and hurt
  • Flower essences very often bring to the fore old emotional issues, past hurts and so on. Sometimes you may feel that you are reliving old emotional wounds – which can be a very distressing experience! This is the classic “healing crisis”. If the feelings are too intense, either stop taking the mixture, or decrease the number of doses, until the feelings pass (maybe a day or two); then gradually increase the number of doses until you are back to taking the essence at the original rate.

  • There is no absolute limit to the number of essences you can mix into one blend. However, be sensitive as to how many issues this represents, as you then need to process all of them, even if subconsciously. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many essences in one bottle. We suggest twelve (12) as a practical maximum.

  • Flower essences are safe to use in combination with every other healing modality — including massage, aromatherapy, osteopathy, Reiki treatments, and even with dental work. And they won’t interfere with pharmaceutical drugs or other medication if you are taking these.

Flower essences are a very safe, gentle and effective form of treatment. There is virtually nothing that you can do with them that is truly harmful, and very little that you can do “wrong” at all. If you are new to working with essences, once you gain confidence, you may want to help your family and friends with this subtle, but powerful, healing method.

For more information about how the New Millennium Essences were co-created, see our June 2022 blogpost, and tips on how to choose the right essences are on our July 2022 blogpost.

To get started, why not browse the New Millennium Essences available on the online store or download our catalogue. If you require essences that are not in the store, please contact Glenys for information on how to order.


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