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New Millennium Essences: Peter Archer’s commitment to creating innovative healing remedies

The creation of the New Millennium Essences of New Zealand is the story of one man’s commitment and dedication to developing simple, holistic and profoundly innovative healing remedies to aid humanity. Peter Archer believed in the power of vibrational medicine to bring about the healing of our whole selves: body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Peter Archer, creator of New Millennium Essences

Peter was in his 40s and halfway through studying to become a homeopath when a chance event occurred to redirect his focus. While browsing in a library one day a book fell off a shelf in front of him and changed the course of his life. That book was Mary Garbely’s A New Perception: Flower Essences of New Zealand.

Mary Garbely was New Zealand’s pioneer flower essence maker. Her range of 72 New Perception flower essences are classics, known to many practitioners in New Zealand, but sadly no longer available since her passing in the late 1990s. Peter, however, was fortunate, as he was able to train with her in the years prior to her death. Peter became fascinated by the whole field of flower essence therapy. He started giving essence treatments to friends, and later, clients. He included several other flower essence ranges in his practice, and according to friends at the time, he spent every spare moment working with the essences.

Commitment to the Work

During Easter 1996 Peter made a fateful decision to commit his life to essence therapy. During the dedication process he received the message that he was to make his own essences. So then and there he set out on a field trip and made his first flower essences. Thereafter, whenever he enquired of his guides as to what he was to do next, the message was always, “we make essences”.

Lisa Bruens, flower essence therapist

His first coworker in this work was Lisa Bruens, a fellow student of Mary Garbely’s. Lisa was very gifted at channelling the definitions and especially the affirmations for the essences that Peter created. They also worked together defining the issues that the essences were to address. It was Lisa who channelled the name for the essence range in 1999 – the New Millennium Essences. Despite Peter’s initial misgivings about using that name in the middle of Y2K, that was the name assigned to his essence range.

Partnership Years

By the time I met Peter in early 2003 and started working with him soon after, his working partnership with Lisa had largely ended – although they remained friends. Working with Peter initiated me into a whole new level of my healing work.

Peter was very exacting in his work, and it was a delight to participate. We were both “students of life” as I like to call it. We would carefully observe our own thoughts and behaviours, as well as the behaviours of others, noting the idiosynchrasies and dysfunctional patterns. Often this involved a process of “drilling down” to finer subtleties of the elements of these patterns. From there we would define a very precise issue.

For example, Peter created a series of three essences to help process and release the energy of trauma from the body: Yellow Rose for trauma that is physical in origin, Yellow-Orange Narcissi for emotional and mental trauma, and Yellow Berries to release trauma that has become embedded in the body’s cells. Later he created another version: Burnt Daisy to release shock as well as body-embedded trauma from the cells to prevent PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Images below from left: Yellow Rose, Yellow-Orange Narcissi, Yellow Berries, Burnt Daisy.

In this way we were able to find an essence to address quite specific mental or emotional patterns. Peter also specialised in creating essences to alleviate physical symptoms. He suffered from a variety of distressing conditions himself, so he was often his own “guinea pig”.

Thryptomene calycina flower essence

An especially helpful essence is Thryptomene calycina to help relieve distressing physical body symptoms. This essence is usually combined with others in a blend to provide the required healing.

Co-creating with Nature

The work of essence-making is a co-creative process with Nature – that is, with the plant devas or nature spirits. Having defined various issues, we then went on regular field trips. Peter often woke of a morning with the knowing that today he needed to go to a specific place to make essences. He always felt guided in this way.

Peter was not limited to co-creating from plants either. Many essences were made from gems, stones or driftwood found on beaches. Examples include Smoky Quartz for Grounding (image on left), and for Self-Acceptance, a stone found on a beach and polished to a smooth appearance by the action of the sea (image on right).

Initially the New Millennium Essences addressed everyday issues, as well as providing support for spiritual awakening, through the various Super-Essences in the early days, then the New Generation Alchemy set.

Lantana camara essence for psychic attachments

Later Peter did a lot of work with dark energies and he attracted a lot of clients who were experiencing these types of issues. He created the Debugger set, which helps with various forms of possession and attack by non-physical entities and energies, implants, psychic attacks, curses and hexes, and ritual forms of abuse. For example, the Lantana camara essence (pictured) helps to release psychic attachments.

Peter continued to drill down into deeper and deeper layers of issues, creating consecutively the Core Issues, ZPF (Zero Point Field) and Quantum/Alchemy ranges. Each new range carries a higher vibration than the last, reflecting the increasing intensities of energies available on our 3D Earth dimension.

Peter Archer, innovative flower essence maker, therapist and healer

His work continued until shortly before his death in June 2019, 20 years since the New Millennium Essences had been christened. Over his active essence-making life of over 20 years, Peter created thousands of essences.

Having dedicated my life to continuing his work, I have spent a couple of years collating a few hundreds of his total collection. They are now available for purchase via the New Millennium Essences catalogue, as well as the online store.

As well as creating an ground-breaking range of essences, Peter was also an amazing healer, who helped many, many people around the world. With his passing our world lost a compassionate, dedicated and skilled healer and visionary.

If you want to know more about me or my work, click here. Or take a look here or in the online store to find out more about the New Millennium flower essences


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