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This flower essence helps enhance the body's natural process of processing and releasing negative energy deliberately sent by others. A very useful essence, especially for empaths.


Note that “deliberate”, in this context, often means a subtle form of intent - for example, when there is a minor incident and the other person briefly focuses on you with negative intent, an example of which could be a minor road rage incident.


When these small incidents occur, an energetic self-maintaining “program” is set up, where the negative energy continues to be projected for a long time. These packages of negative energy are sometimes called curses, hexes or spells.


This essence is also used for dealing with energies from the mass consciousness and group consciousness, especially the energies of negative emotions like fear and anger.


“My body effortlessly and naturally processes and releases all of this energy.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Negative Energy Release: Dark Pink Geranium

  • New Millennium flower essence to release negative energy sent by others.

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