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Flower Essence Therapy: how to choose the essences that are right for you

New Millennium Buttercups essence, New Energy activation

What are flower essences?

Flower essences have always been universally sought after. They move us very deeply on the subtle finer levels of our being that we do not consciously recognise. And humanity has been naturally drawn to flowers and plants since the beginning of time, for peace of mind as well as for healing. This is because of their subtle energy field, which we sense but do not see.

Flower essences are actually the life force of the flower, collected from its energy field, and placed in a solution. Used correctly, they are a subtle but powerful way of changing consciousness, even deeply ingrained thought patterns.

Modern flower essence therapy works at all levels of our being: spiritual, mental, emotional, as well as directly at the physical level – either on the overall physical wellbeing or at the individual cellular level.

  • Flower essences are vibrational or energy medicines – they contain the vibrational imprint of the original plant which has been “captured” and retained in the water.

  • They contain no physical plant material – they have been diluted to the point where no actual molecules of the original substance are still present in the final treatment bottle given to the client.

  • They were first developed in the modern era by Dr Edward Bach, who created the 38 Bach Flower™ remedies in the 1930’s.

  • Their power and effectiveness depends on the consciousness of the flower essence creator to tune in and bring through the required healing energies.

  • They are very safe – precisely because there is no physical plant material. It’s possible to make essences from plants that are normally toxic or poisonous if ingested or applied to the skin.

  • They are a perfect complement to almost all other natural healing modalities – such as Naturopathy, Kinesiology, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Reiki, and have been used very successfully together with various forms of Counselling.

How to select the flower essences that you need

Since flower essences are a therapeutic tool, you need to be clear about the issues you want them to address. Are you choosing them just for yourself, or will you also want to help friends, family – or clients if you are a therapist?

The first step is, therefore, to make a list of the issues you already know of, or think you may encounter. Remember to include emotional, mental, and possibly even spiritual issues, as well physical imbalances. Flower essences are great at supporting many physical healing processes too. For example, if you have a broken leg, you require the necessary medical care to set the bone, as well as physiotherapy to regain movement loss. However, essences can assist throughout the healing process as well as ameliorate painful symptoms.

Once you are clear on what you require the essences for, the selection, or diagnosis, of essences is largely an intuitive process.

This is not to say that the intellect must play no part. The ideal diagnostic method is a balance between the intellect, or what you know about the issues, and an intuitive process.

Methods of intuitive testing

There are many ways to test intuitively for the right essences. Here are a few common methods, but you may prefer to use your own.


One of the most common intuitive testing methods is with the aid of a pendulum. These are easily available in most crystal or health shops.

Initially, you need to “train” your pendulum by establishing a movement of the pendulum that clearly indicates “yes”, and another distinctly different movement for “no”. It can also be useful to have a third distinctive movement for “maybe” or “not known”.

When first using a pendulum, ask questions that have a clear cut, factual, right or wrong answer: eg. “Is my name Elizabeth?”, “Do I live in Sweden?”

Finger kinesiology

Then there is kinesiology: in particular, finger kinesiology, where you attempt to pull apart your finger and thumb, and the difference in resistance gives you your “yes/no” answer. This technique is championed by Machaelle Small Wright of Perelandra, and it is fully described in her books “Flower Essences: Reordering Our Understanding and Approach to Illness and Health” and “MAP: The Co-creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program”..

This method requires that you ask questions with clear cut “yes/no” answers – eg. “Does my body need the Body Symptoms Relief essence?”

Muscle testing

Demo of muscle testing
Muscle testing

If the essences are for someone else, you may prefer the kinesiology technique of muscle testing on the other person. This is usually performed by having the other person hold out her arm horizontally while testing for the need for each essence in turn. Generally, the person holds the essence being tested for in the other hand.

Ask the “yes/no” questions as you apply a gentle, but firm, pressure on the outstretched arm close to the wrist. For essences that she needs, she will be able to resist the downwards pressure that you are placing on her arm; for those that she does not need, her arm muscles will weaken considerably. This method has the advantage that it involves the other in an active way.

Choosing intuitively

Another intuitive method is to go through the essences as listed in the New Millennium Essences catalogue or website store, looking at each one and reading any description. You may get a strong resonant feeling or knowing with one or more essences that these are the ones you need. However, it’s often good to verify this with another intuitive method.

With all intuitive methods, it’s important to ask very specific questions. For example, if you are testing for yourself, you should test individually for each essence, asking very specifically, “Do I currently need the Emotional Clearing essence?”… and so on.

The Master Linkage essences

There are several essences that are designated as “Master Linkage”. They are unique to the New Millennium Essences, and they play a special role in “tying together” an essence mix.

They were developed chronologically in the following order:

NM Essences White magnolia master linkage

White Magnolia, to be used with blends of Super-Essences.

NM Essences Redwood tree with creeper master linkage

Redwood Tree with Creeper, designed for use with the New Generation Alchemy and Core Issues sets.

NM Essences Kawakawa & huge rock master linkage

Kawakawa & Huge Rock, for use with Zero Point Field, Quantum and Alchemy essences.

If you are selecting essences from a number of ranges, select the latest Master Linkage essence – eg. if you want to mix essences from both Core Issues and Quantum sets, then add the Kawakawa & Huge Rock master linkage essence.

When added to an essence treatment mixture, the Master Linkage essence provides energies for the following:

  • Linkage — holds together the energies of the essences in the mixture

  • Healing crisis management — moderates the aggravation of symptoms that often happens when healing takes place

  • Treatment regulator — regulates the strength of the healing energies provided by the essence mix to the optimum level

  • Stabilisation — stabilises and protects the essence mixture from outside energies, including protection from negative energies sent from people, X-Rays, and all forms of EMF radiation.

The next step…

Having now selected and purchased your flower essences, you will want to get started and learn how to apply them therapeutically. We’ll cover this in next month’s blogpost.

In the meantime, you can browse the New Millennium Essences available on the online store or download our catalogue. If you require essences that are not in the store, please contact Glenys for information on how to order.

Finally, for more about how the New Millennium Essences were co-created, see our Jun 2022 blogpost.


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