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Farewell to Peter Archer

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Thursday 27th June 2019 marks the day that a close friend and key mentor in my life passed over.

Peter Archer was a true pioneering trail-blazer of healing, especially in his chosen area of flower essence therapy. I was privileged to work closely with him for seven significant years, learning all that he had to teach.

Peter Archer, healer & founder of New Millennium flower essences
Peter Archer, founder of New Millennium Essences

Peter was a true visionary

He dreamt of a global business that would supply affordable, effective natural remedies for everybody who needed them. He recognised the urgent need for healing in our time of accelerated change, within a system whose ideology is adversely affecting the lives of millions. He was passionate about his work, as well as incredibly disciplined and dedicated in his approach.

It is said that one becomes a master of a discipline through practising it for a minimum of 10,000 hours. Peter must have spent many times that number of hours in his research and application of flower essences.

Peter first trained in flower essence therapy from NZ pioneer, Mary Garbely, in the years before her death and worked extensively with her range (now sadly no longer available). He then worked with several other essence ranges, including Perelandra, Living Essences of Australia and Himalayan Essences, before creating the first few essences of his own flower essence range at Easter 1996. His flower essences were later named the New Millennium Essences in 1999, which he operated as a business until shortly before his death. The original NM Essences website is no longer available.

New Millennium Essences logo

Peter continually pushed the boundaries of what is known, and what is possible. He would often see another technique or healing method, and immediately set about adapting or integrating it into his work. In those situations I would often hear him exclaim, “I can do that!”. And usually he could.

Peter cared deeply about the suffering of others, and was incredibly generous in helping people – often giving away remedies to those in need. Peter worked hard, pushing himself to keep up with all that he wanted to achieve. As well as helping many hundreds of others to heal, he worked hard on his own emotional and physical healing as issues arose. Eventually, due mainly to overwork, Peter’s health broke down in 2007, and he was plagued by ill health of various kinds on and off until his recent death.

It is deeply ironic and sobering to reflect that Peter, who had helped so many, was unable to heal himself, or even be healed by other.

Finding my own calling through Peter

Peter Archer and Glenys Earle of New Millennium Essences
Peter and Glenys

It was through my work with Peter that I realised my own calling as a healer.

Although the New Millennium Essences as a business has now closed, I still offer many of the New Millennium flower essences, both in my range of aromatherapy spray blends, and as customised blends for personalised healing.

I am deeply grateful to have spent time with such a remarkable human being.

If you want to know more about me or my energy healing work, click here. Or if you want to find out more about how flower essences can help you, go to my Therapies page.


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