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Energy Healing: what is it and how can it help you?

When I first learned Reiki over 20 years ago, I felt like I’d found a new calling. In fact, it was the initial impetus for a whole new career as an energy healer. I love my work and I’d love to share how it can help you.

Everything is energy

Human auric field and chakras: image courtesy of

Our bodies are not just formed from physical elements – atoms, molecules, cells, etc. They also comprise electromagnetic energies, and subtle energies – energies we can’t yet see or measure. These energies surround and interpenetrate our physical body, directly influencing it, and are just as vital to our health and wellbeing as our physical cells and tissues.

We all have this subtle energy constantly pulsing through our bodies, forming a dynamic infrastructure that includes our meridians, chakras and aura.

Subtle energy field surrounding body

Energy gives us our vitality – the experience of being alive!

Many of our energy flows must follow defined pathways in a particular direction, much as our blood must circulate from our heart, through the arteries and then the veins back to the heart. And just as with our circulatory system, we can experience blockages in the flow of energy, with energy depletion in some areas, and a build-up of excess energy in others. Pain, for example, can be a symptom of excess or blocked energy.

When we experience strong emotions, they are felt throughout the body. Emotions are meant to move on through, but they can get trapped in certain areas, causing physical pain or emotional blockages. These energy blockages or incorrect energy flows can then result in a long list of possible symptoms, including tiredness and fatigue, depression, pain, reduced mental functioning, weakened immunity and inability to cope emotionally with life.

But because energy is always wanting to move and transform, by working directly with these subtle energies through various Energy Medicine techniques, we can effect rapid change even at the physical level. These changes can also occur through quite simple actions such as adopting a new belief or seeing a situation in a new light, and this is where techniques such as ThetaHealing are most effective.

Energy Healing works holistically to balance your body, mind & emotions

For this reason working on one or two issues can produce wide-ranging results. For example, if you receive treatment for stress, you are very likely to achieve more energy, better sleep, less pain and feel happier.

Woman by sea full of vitality

What you can expect from an Energy Healing:

  • have more energy and vitality

  • sleep better

  • be stressed or anxious less often

  • suffer less (or not at all) from chronic aches and pains

  • be more emotionally balanced

  • think more clearly

  • have a strengthened immune system

  • be less sensitive to electromagnetic devices, computers, mobile phones, etc.

Energy Healing can also:

  • release fears and resentments

  • release blockages to abundance or moving forward in your life

  • clear past or intergenerational trauma

  • facilitate physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing

  • provide energetic support before, during and after surgery or medical treatments for cancer or other serious conditions

Woman jumping for joy full of health and vitality

Energy Healing has been known and used for many centuries across a multitude of cultures – from faith healing and shamanic healing to Eastern medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Subtle energy itself has also been identified in many cultures. It has been called chi in China, ki in Japan, prana in India, tummo in Tibet, pneuma in Greece, ruach in the Jewish tradition, and mauri in Te Reo.

Energy Healing is safe, gentle and can be very fast-acting; it’s an ideal approach for our fast-paced, high-stress, 21st-century lifestyles.

If you want to know more about me or my Energy Healing work, click here.


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