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Electromagnetic Fields: why they drain your energy and what you can do

The world we currently find ourselves living in is increasingly technological. Communication today often takes place in digital spaces: via emails, text messages and mobile phone conversations. We use apps to shop, find our way and search for information. Even for those of us who limit our onscreen time, it’s hard to avoid interacting with digital devices.

Electronic devices, mobile phone, laptop, camera, tablet

Technology has certainly helped us to connect more with each other.  We can stay in touch with friends and loved ones in real time no matter where they are on the planet. And online forums enable people from all over the globe to form groups that share a special interest or practice.

But there is a dark side to all this technology. Much of this is already well documented and being discussed: the battle for our attention causing so many of us to spend hours online instead of building meaningful relationships in person; and anxiety that has attained epidemic proportions, especially among teenagers.

However, there is very little mention outside alternative circles of the dangers of us being consistently “bathed” in so much EMF.

First of all, what is EMF?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field, which is a by-product of an electrical current passing through a wire. All the wiring in your house produces an EMF when you turn on an appliance. EMF is also generated through the sending of electromagnetic radiation, such as radio and infrared (including microwaves), which have a lower frequency than visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Electromagnetic spectrum showing frequency, ionizing radiation & devices
Source: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Electronic devices and appliances in everyday use: cell phone, laptop, camera, TV, printer, air conditioner

In particular, devices that transmit electromagnetic signals, such as mobile phones, wifi (wireless broadband) modems and GPS devices, all produce EMFs. The requirement for more devices on mobile phone networks, and for more information to be sent (e.g. for driverless cars) means that EMF signals are increasing in frequency. As the frequency increases so does the energy of these signals. Hence the transition from 3G to 4G, then to 5G frequencies provides a greater capacity for networks to carry more signals in the form of phone calls, texts, streamed videos, etc. This means more powerful energy is being transmitted.

With satellites now an integral component of mobile networks, these 5G energies are beamed at us from space, as well as from local towers. The effect on us of so much radiation is controversial. One estimate suggests that we experience 100 million times more radiation that that experienced by our grandparents!

The gatekeepers of this technology tell us that the type of EMF found in our environment from wifi and mobile phones is safe. The test they use is that the radiation doesn’t directly heat up our cells or harm DNA.

However, testing for physical harm to body cells is not sufficient. The cells in our bodies communicate with each other and interact with various biochemicals, such as neurotransmitters and hormones, mediated by very low-level electrical signals.

Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine
Donna Eden
Energy Medicine book by Donna Eden & David Feinstein

Donna Eden in her Energy Medicine book describes nine energy systems of the body, including the aura, meridians and chakras being the most commonly known. She also identifies an energy system she calls the Electrics.

She writes, “If each of the body’s energy systems… is comprised of some combination of electrical, electromagnetic, and subtle energies, the electrical dimension is the most dense. Where the electromagnetic aspect involves invisible fields and the subtle aspect is even more amorphous, the electrical aspect involves the movement of electrons and protons, the ‘particles’ of matter. The electrics constitute an energy that seems to emerge from the electrical dimension of the other energy systems”.

The Electrics communicate with all the other subtle energy systems of the body. In more recent decades it’s been possible to measure the very subtle electromagnetic fields created in the body. Because these fields are essential components of the interaction between all the systems in the body, both physical and energetic, any disruption to them can have deleterious consequences.

And there is considerable evidence mounting that the tsunami of EMF is harmful to us.

The usual way we recognise harm is through the effect on our health and energy. In particular, highly sensitive people are usually the first to be affected. You may feel tired after short sessions online, or have trouble sleeping. This is due to the EMF destabilising and throwing your body’s energy systems out of balance in various ways.

Sleep, in particular, is often affected as EMF can reduce our body’s melatonin production. Melatonin is responsible for regulating our sleep and for repair of the body.

Exposure to EMFs can cause stress in the body and weaken the immune system, draining your energy. We know that stress is the root of most disease. Depending on your body’s makeup and susceptibility, your own genetic weakest link will be what eventually breaks down with a resulting health condition. Prolonged periods of exposure to EMFs can even trigger ongoing sensitivity to EMFs.

Fortunately there are plenty of warning signs of EMF sensitivity that serve as red flags for you to do something right away. Some of these warning signs include:

Girl with fatigue and depression

  • Headaches

  • Irritability

  • Fatigue

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Poor memory

The human body has a remarkable propensity to heal. But, unfortunately, while our bodies are working to fight off this EMF, many of us continue face continuous, high levels of exposure. Just as there would be little hope for your body to recover from an allergic response if you continued to expose yourself to the allergen, you give yourself no opportunity to mitigate the impact of exposure when the cause is never addressed, removed or protected against.

So what can we do?

We can’t wait for our regulators or the tech industries to respond to this crisis. Instead there are several ways that we can help to ameliorate the effects of EMFs on our bodies.

  1. Minimise your use of technology, especially if you suffer EMF sensitivity. Take regular breaks from computers or use of mobile phones. Going outside and grounding is especially helpful. At night turn off all devices, including your wifi modem.

  2. Strengthen your subtle energy systems to build energetic resilience that then helps the body cope with EMF. Eden Energy Medicine offers many tried and tested methods precisely to help build a strong physical and energetic system, allowing you to cope not just with EMFs, but with many of the stressors in our daily environments.

  3. Use products or devices that provide protection and help the body cope with and resist the harmful effects of EMFs. Two effective products available from In the Zone Healing are:

Living Energy Tech Protect aromatherapy spray for protection from emf radiation

a spray blend of organic essential oils and New Millennium flower essences for relief and protection from all forms of electromagnetic field radiation (emf), including wifi, mobile phones and computer screens. Also provides protection from artificial indoor environments containing fluorescent lighting and air conditioning. Find out more

Life Energy pyramid p.e.bal for protection from emf radiation

a handcrafted pewter pyramid for space-clearing and energetic harmonisation. It protects against EMF, as well as geopathic, earth-related stress. With an increased field strength and a protective field of 36 metres, it is capable of dealing with both wifi and 5G.

Life energy ki-bal for protection from emf radiation

A keyring version, the Ki-bal, for when you leave home is also available.

If you want to know more about me or my work in healing subtle energy systems, click here. Or if you want to find out more about how I can help you, go to my Energy Healing page.


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