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The new improved POWER p.e.bal provides an increased field strength and a bigger protective field - 36 metres. This is much more POWERFUL than earlier models, making it capable of dealing with WiFi and 5G - the much needed protection in today’s world of galloping EMF radiation.

The POWER p.e.bal protects you from electromagnetic field radiation, geopathic stress or any unbalanced energy. It can be used in your home or workplace – or anywhere else you need EMF protection.


The POWER p.e.bal is handcrafted in pewter and a beautiful addition to any space.  The engravings on the four sides indicate its purpose and intent, as they stand for protection, infinite love, healing and the breath (life force).

Pyramid Energy Balancer (p.e.bal)

  • The POWER p.e.bal is a powerful solution for space-clearing and energetic harmonisation. It protects against EMF (electromagnetic fields), as well as geopathic (earth-related) stress.


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