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Cats Health

Cats Health essences for wellbeing of cats

The Cats Health flower essence blend assists overall animal health and wellbeing at physical and emotional levels, and helps cats to express more of their natural instincts in a human-controlled world.

This blend also helps cats with issues when staking out their territories in an urban environment, as well as for common conditions such as eczema and kidney problems.

Contents 30 ml.

Dispense 2-3 drops on the back of the cat's neck under the fur, or in food or water.

Cost: NZD $20 + shipping

The Cats Health essence contains a blend of the following New Millennium Essences flower essences, in a base of pure water and brandy.

Canterbury rose, cat's territorial issues New Millennium flower essence

Canterbury Rose - cat's territorial issues

Helps cats achieve their natural urge to stake out their territory in modern urban environments, and also helps cats to settle into a new territory when their owners move house, so they don’t return to the old home.

Mamillaria hexacantha, cat's territorial disputes New Millennium flower essence

Mammillaria hexacantha - cat's territorial disputes

Helps cats to resolve the territorial disputes between two or more cats that are fighting over their territory. Especially helpful when a new cat has moved into the neighbourhood and is attempting to establish its new territory on another cat’s territory.

Red & white camellia, animals emotional mirroring New Millennium flower essence

Red & White Camellia - animal's emotional mirroring

Helps animals to process and release the emotional energy that they take on from humans, and then “mirror” back to them. Emotional mirroring is a vital role that animals fill for people – however, they can become overwhelmed with the quantity and the intensity of this energy.

Orange begonia, emotional garbage energy New Millennium flower essence

Orange Begonia - emotional garbage energy

Helps animals process and release negative emotional “garbage” that they pick up from the environment, and from people. Just as people pick up negative energy of this type, so too do animals. This essence helps them to deal with this energy, to process it in their bodies, and to release it.

Camellia Crimson Robe,  animal's perspective on life New Millennium flower essence

Camellia Crimson Robe - animal's perspective on life

Helps animals to deal with living in a human-controlled world, when their worldview is a lot different from the human one. This may set up an energetic tension in animals, leading to the manifestation of ill-health.

Red begonia,  animal's kidney problems New Millennium flower essence

Red Begonia - animal's kidney problems

Helps animals with kidney and urinary complaints, providing support and assistance, and acting as a catalyst for the underlying emotional issues to be resolved, so that healing is able to take place at the physical level of the kidney dysfunction.

Red begonia bush, animal's eczema New Millennium flower essence

Red Begonia Bush - animal's eczema

Helps animals deal with the distressing skin condition of eczema, providing support at all levels, including emotional and physical, for the animal's body to process and resolve all of the energies involved, thus allowing the need for the manifestation of the eczema to cease.

Dahlia Oreti Stacey,  flea repellent New Millennium flower essence

Dahlia Oreti Stacey - flea repellent

Helps an animal to resolve the issues that underlie the attraction of fleas, and to help the animal’s body shift its energy into a state where it is in an incompatible vibrational state for the hosting of fleas.

Red flowering gum,  releasing past trauma New Millennium flower essence

Red Flowering Gum - releasing past trauma

Helps to release past trauma and shift into the fullness of recovery – on from the feeling of “things will never be the same again”.

Helichrysum, energy upliftment New Millennium flower essence

Helichrysum - energy upliftment

For uplifting energy and feeling the sweetness of life. This essence helps an animal that is feeling apathy and gloom (not depression), and lifts the animal up, opening it up to life, with a capacity to enjoy, shifting the energy orientation from inward to outward.

Statice, seeing the positive New Millennium flower essence

Statice - seeing the positive

Helps the animal to see the positive in any situation.

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