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This flower essence is for healing our original wounding.


We all have, hidden deep in the centre of our psyche, an "original wounding", which is the core trauma and the main driver of all of our dysfunction.


In most indigenous cultures, there is some kind of ritual for healing this core wounding, often in the form of a shamanic "soul retrieval".

When this wounding took place, part of our psyche split off to form what Carl Jung called our "shadow", an unhealed fragment that disrupts our life.


This essence is for healing that unhealed original wound and the split-off shadow, and for use in integrating the shadow back into our psyche.


“I now totally heal all of my original wounding trauma.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Original Wounding Healing: White & Pink Cosmos

  • New Millennium flower essence for healing the original wounding caused by part of the psyche splitting off to form the shadow.

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