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This flower essence is the Mitochondria Master Healing essence.


Every cell in our body has a large number of mitochondria in the cell, that are the "engines" of the cell. Not only do the mitochondria produce energy to power the cell, via the manufacture of ATP, they also are involved in many of the cell's vital functions.


The mitochondria even have their own DNA, inherited solely from the mother, which is just as important as the main DNA in the cell nucleus. If enough mitochondria in our cells become dysfunctional, we will become very ill, and most likely die.


This essence is for helping to heal our damaged mitochondria.



“I heal and rejuvenate my body cell mitochondria.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Mitochondria Health & Balance: Kikuyu Grass

  • New Millennium flower essence for healing and balancing the cell's mitochondria.

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