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This Super-Essence is for dissolving the inherited family lore that is passed down through the generations of the family. Stored in the magnetic DNA, and embodying the collective family wisdom that has been accumulated over many generations, this family lore contains much wisdom.

Much of who we are comes from our family heritage. The sum total of our accumulated family wisdom shapes who we are in many ways, and without it we would be much the poorer. It is the result of many hard-learned lessons from the past.

However, because we now live in rapidly changing times, much of this old wisdom is now out-of-date and no longer appropriate for modern living, and should be released.

This powerful group of flower essences, combined into a single Super-Essence, is for:

  • Balancing and releasing inherited personality traits that have been passed down through the family line. One of the mechanisms through which these personality traits are passed down through the generations is by emotional genetic patterns that act like building blocks within each person's psyche. These energetic pattern building-blocks could be thought of as acting like “precursors” to specific emotional personality traits that may manifest in us.
  • Dissolving “generational trauma memory packages”, passed down genetically from whenever earlier generations have suffered trauma. This is similar to cellular memory in an individual, and it is passed down genetically within the family.
  • Moderating one's genetically inherited basic body characteristics. Each of us has inherited a particular set of body characteristics and factors, which are embedded in our genes.
  • Releasing one’s genetically inherited body responses. Different people's bodies react to the same stimuli in varying ways, e.g. some people feel the effects of cold temperature a lot more than others.
  • Resolving ancestral karma, i.e. karma from our ancestors that has been passed down to us, and in many cases is no longer relevant to us in the here and now.
  • Resolving the legacy of ancestral “running incidents”, that have been passed down through the generations. These originated with traumatic incidents in the lives of our ancestors, with the post-traumatic stress that resulted from these incidents never being resolved by them during their lifetimes; therefore, the unbalanced energies have been passed down the family line.
  • Dissolving hexes, curses and spells, including ones that have been inherited from previous family generations. This includes so-called family curses, which sometimes manifest as “bad luck” in the family and have been passed down the family line.
  • Dealing with generational “core factors”. These are the issues and factors that are right at the heart of the family, the things that seem to affect all family members, and are passed on from generation to generation.
  • Dealing with inherited factors that are part of the energy of the mass consciousness of humanity. Many of our ancestors were very much part of the “herd mentality” of the tribal consciousness.
  • Dealing with “malevolent spirits” that have been passed down through the generations. These are energetic entities, somewhat like a very strong thought-form, that originated with an actual ancestor, or from someone with whom an ancestor had conflict with, and it attached itself to that ancestor and has been passed on down the generations.
  • The “wild card” factor; the “joker in the pack”, passed down to us by our ancestors. In other words, anything that is so “strange” that our modern minds could not comprehend it, let alone believe that it could possibly exist.


“I integrate all of this old wisdom within myself, and release all that is now not needed.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Generational Inherited Issues: Old Master Rose

  • New Millennium super-essence for dissolving the inherited family lore that is passed down through the generations of the family .

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