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This flower essence is for body negative entropy.


The bodies of all living things have the amazing ability, in the process of manifesting the energy of life, to manifest what is known to science as “negative entropy”. Negative entropy is the ability of live organisms, in the process of growth, to form themselves into more complex forms.


This essence assists the human body in this process of organising itself into a very complex, yet coherent and purposeful organism, despite the huge difficulties in doing so.


It specifically assists the body to overcome the difficulties that it experiences from the effects of “trauma” and similar forms of dysfunctional influences.


The name of this flower is very appropriate for this essence:  Breath of Life.


“My body effortlessly and naturally uses negative entropy to rebuild itself.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Body Negative Entropy: Breath of Life Rose

  • New Millennium flower essence for helping the body to manifest negative entropy.

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