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ThetaHealing: healing for mind, body and spirit

I first heard about ThetaHealing through a friend. She was telling me that after recently studying this healing modality, it had opened up intuitive gifts she had never expected. She was able to help others with their healing in a way she had never believed possible for herself. In listening to her story, I knew I had to try this technique out for myself.

ThetaHealing by Vianna Stibal

I did my research and found Nancy Cate of Knowledge Tree. Right from the first class I knew I had made the right decision. The ThetaHealing technique allows fast and accurate access to information about the client’s physical, emotional and mental states, and provides techniques for correcting and healing any imbalances. It can be used for self-healing just as easily.

Over a couple of years I completed all the training to become a ThetaHealing practitioner, and ThetaHealing is now a core component of my energy healing practice.

Origin of ThetaHealing

Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing
Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing

Vianna Stibal is the founder of ThetaHealing. Vianna has the innate gift of being able to do intuitive “readings” for people. In the course of her work she discovered a method of accessing a pure connection to the source energy of our Universe, which enabled her to heal herself of a bone tumour in her leg. She then developed a technique that would enable others to connect to the source energy as she does.

Vianna calls this source energy the “Creator of All That Is”. You may prefer to call this energy God, Spirit, Source, Allah or any number of other names. It is, as the name suggests, the energy that has created everything, seen and unseen, in our Universe. It is a benevolent force of pure Love that acts in our lives to bring peace and harmony when we align with it. It is the source of all healing; and what is healing, but a return to wholeness. ThetaHealing is now taught worldwide and there are many practitioners here in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

How does ThetaHealing work?

ThetaHealing is a meditation technique based on a spiritual philosophy. It is not a religious or spiritual practice, and you don’t need to adhere to any particular faith. The only requirement is for you to believe that change is possible.

Theta brain wave meditative state for healing

Using ThetaHealing the practitioner accesses a state in which theta brainwaves are active. In our normal waking state beta brainwaves are the most predominant; this is the mental state of alertness and cognitive reasoning. The theta brainwave state, in contrast, is a much slower meditative state that allows greater access to intuition, rejuvenation and healing.

In this state the practitioner can “tune in” to the client and receive information about their physical, emotional or mental condition. Utilising a “digging deeper” approach, the practitioner can then help the client identify core beliefs that are disempowering her.

Beliefs are agreements about reality that we accept and uphold without question. We all receive “programmes” of beliefs from our childhood — from parents, caregivers, teachers and the mass consciousness. Many of these beliefs are not especially beneficial for our future flourishing as adults, but merely serve to train us in societal norms and behaviours, or to keep us pliable and obedient.

However, once these beliefs are embedded in our subconscious (and no longer accessible to our everyday waking consciousness), they can “run” many of our attitudes and behaviours.

Changing beliefs

For example, a child might be told consistently by parents that she is not as smart as her older brother. This may simply reflect the beliefs and attitudes of her parents, and have nothing to do with her inherent abilities. As an adult, she is striving to do well in a career, but she is constantly sabotaging her success by not being assertive enough. Subconsciously, she is playing out her parents’ programming.

ThetaHealing, mind-body energy healing - courtesy Wellness Universe

In this case, by using ThetaHealing it is possible to identify her core belief from childhood, and replace it with something much more positive, as well as add positive feelings of her innate worth. She is then able to express her innate abilities with inner confidence, as there is no longer a sabotaging voice within. ThetaHealing could then also help her manifest the life she really wants.

As a client you are in control, as you must give permission for any healing to take place. You also play an active role in redefining which beliefs to change and what outcomes you would like.

Healing trauma

Another key area in which ThetaHealing can help is in releasing trauma from the body — e.g. when we are involved in something like a car accident, even a minor one, we experience shock. This energy of shock needs to be released as part of the recovery — however, in many cases it is instead lodged in one or more areas of the body. This stuck energy can potentially cause physical issues, from chronic pain to tumours, as well as emotional issues, such as PTSD. ThetaHealing allows the practitioner to identify the blocked energy of trauma and release it from the body.

Suspension bridge

A few years ago every time I crossed a large suspension bridge, such as the Auckland Harbour Bridge, I experienced an overwhelming fear that the bridge would collapse and my car with me in it would fall into the water. No matter how much I gritted my teeth and told myself the bridge was solid I couldn’t shake the fear. I had a session with another ThetaHealing therapist who helped me identify two events in my childhood in which large suspension bridges had collapsed due to exceptional circumstances. In both cases people had died. I had not been present at either event, but had seen the detailed news coverages, and that was enough to embed a trauma relating to suspension bridges. Once we identified and cleared that trauma, the next time I drove across the Auckland Harbour Bridge I experienced no fear or arousal at all. What a relief that was!!

There are many other ways that ThetaHealing can help. For example, if you are undergoing a major medical procedure, such as surgery or chemotherapy, ThetaHealing is an ideal therapy to provide support before, during and after the procedure.

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You can use ThetaHealing for lasting change. ThetaHealing can clear blockages to health, wellbeing and abundance, allowing you to live the life that empowers you to thrive.

ThetaHealing, meditation technique for healing body, mind, spirit

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