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Rescued Animals

Rescued Animals essences for recovery of abused and unwanted animals

The Rescued Animals flower essence blend provides help for animals rescued from abusive or unwanted situations.

This blend helps abused animals recover their physical and mental health, and to release their past major trauma.

Contents 30 ml.

Dispense 2-3 drops on the back of the animal's neck, or in food or water, as needed. For small birds dispense one drop in the bird's water.

Cost: NZD $20 + shipping

The Rescued Animals essence contains a blend of the following New Millennium Essences flower essences, in a base of pure water and brandy.

Mme Louis Laperriere rose, abused animals New Millennium flower essence

Mme Louis Laperriere Rose - abused animals

Helps with the healing process of animals that have been abused by humans in some way. This can be anything that the animal perceives to be hurtful or abusive, such as being forced to perform in ways that are unnatural to the animal, or it can be obviously abusive behaviour like being beaten or neglected.

Chaplins Pink rose,  unwanted animals New Millennium flower essence

Chaplins Pink Rose - unwanted animals

Helps animals to heal from the post-traumatic stress that has resulted from them being unwanted and unloved.

Red camellia, in snow, animal's major trauma New Millennium flower essence

Red Camellia, in snow - animal's major trauma

Helps animals with the energetic legacy of major trauma incidents from their early life that have become deeply embedded in their psyche, and of a type that is most difficult to resolve.

Red & white camellia, animal's emotional mirroring New Millennium flower essence

Red & White Camellia - animal's emotional mirroring

Helps animals to process and release the emotional energy that they take on from humans, and then “mirror” back to them. Emotional mirroring is a vital role that animals fill for people – however, they can become overwhelmed with the quantity and the intensity of this energy.

Orange begonia, emotional garbage energy New Millennium flower essence

Orange Begonia - emotional garbage energy

Helps animals process and release negative emotional “garbage” that they pick up from the environment, and from people. Just as people pick up negative energy of this type, so too do animals. This essence helps them to deal with this energy, to process it in their bodies, and to release it.

White rhododendron, animal's emotional relief New Millennium flower essence

White Rhododendron - animal's emotional relief

Helps animals with emotional relief from whatever it is that is upsetting them emotionally, and allows them to rapidly progress through the upset towards resolution.

Anthurium Hybrid Two, animal's physical condition New Millennium flower essence

Anthurium Hybrid Two - animal's physical condition

Helps animals in poor physical condition to regain their optimum health.

Garlic chives, animal's depression New Millennium flower essence

Garlic Chives - animal's depression

Helps animals that are feeling depressed: for example, due to some unresolved post-traumatic stress condition from the animal's past.

Leander rose, animal's mental health New Millennium flower essence

Leander Rose - animal's mental health

Helps an animal that has any form of mental health problem. The mental health symptoms can vary: it might be a form of depression, psychosis or a refusal to eat.

Ulmus minor, dysfunctional emotional issues New Millennium flower essence

Ulmus minor - dysfunctional emotional issues

Helps animals that have picked up a large amount of emotional energy from humans, and, having been unable to deal with this energy, the energy has “turned inwards” in the animal, and is now manifesting as the underlying cause of dysfunctional behaviour.

Marguerite daisy, arnica emulator New Millennium flower essence

Marguerite Daisy - Arnica emulator

For when an animal suffers shock, sprains, bruising, bleeding, body trauma or emotional trauma. Also useful when an animal must undergo surgery.

Helichrysum, energy upliftment New Millennium flower essence

Helichrysum - energy upliftment

For uplifting energy and feeling the sweetness of life. This essence helps an animal that is feeling apathy and gloom (not depression), and lifts the animal up, opening it up to life, with a capacity to enjoy, shifting the energy orientation from inward to outward.

Wild turnip,  positive change New Millennium flower essence

Wild Turnip - positive change

Helps an animal to embrace and stabilise positive change.

Statice,  seeing the positive New Millennium flower essence

Statice - seeing the positive

Helps the animal to see the positive in any situation.

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