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This flower essence carries the power of the healing energies of the mysterious and mythical "White Gold", which is a major theme in the "Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever", as told in the novels by Stephen Donaldson.


Because, in "The Land" where Covenant has been magically transported to, white gold does not exist other than in the imagination of humans, there exists the paradox of Covenant having a ring of "white gold" on his finger (his wedding ring). This gives him magical powers, but he has no idea of how to use those powers, and so the major theme of the stories is Covenant's search for knowledge of how to use the powers of White Gold.


This essence embodies the power of the White Gold of the Covenant stories, in helping us to heal at soul level.


“I call upon the power of White Gold, the wild, uncontrollable healer, to heal my soul.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

White Gold Healing: Aquilegia viridiflora

  • New Millennium flower essence for helping to manifest the knowledge of the power of White Gold healing.

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