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Flower essence for helping a person to fully integrate and come to peace with one's so-called “Shadow-Self”.


The Shadow-Self is effectively a person's own personal part of the mass-consciousness “shadow”, or “dark side”: that part of humanity that always automatically delights in acting as if it is “evil”.


This could be likened to the “Dark Side of the Force” as depicted in the Star Wars movies. The “dark side” does exist, and in a practical sense its actions are acted out by the so-called “dark forces”.


The important thing to realise is that the “dark forces” are not actually separate from humanity; they are an integral part of humanity, and because of the nature of the dualistic universe, and the need for humanity to experience all aspects of “evil”, they are just as essential to all humans as their so-called “good” side.


The shadow side is not to be feared, and ultimately it needs to be integrated into the whole, especially in the context of humanity now moving into the “New Energy”, where there will eventually be no more distinction between the dark and the light; they will be one integrated perfect whole.“I now fully integrate my Shadow, and come to terms withe the Dark Side.

“I now fully integrate my Shadow, and come to terms withe the Dark Side.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Shadow-Self Integration: Hermosa Rose

  • New Millennium flower essence for help in integrating the Shadow-Self.

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