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No matter how distorted and twisted out of shape you have become energetically, this flower essence is to help you to restore yourself to that pristine, excellently perfect state that is yours by right.


We twisted ourselves into these contorted distortions of our true reality because we were forced to conform to the false paradigm that was all-powerful back then when we were young.


In order to survive, we tied ourselves up in energetic knots, in response to the double-bind demands that were placed on us. It is now time to untie all the grossly deformed knots, restoring ourselves to our pristine perfect state.



“I now untangle all this mess of tied up and distorted energies, and restore myself to my natural perfect pristine state.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Restoring the Impossible: Pure White Camellia

  • New Millennium flower essence for untwisting distorted energies and healing the impossible.

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