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This flower essence is for releasing the "blame game".


This essence is for releasing attachment to the paradigm of duality and blame, where we endlessly blame anybody and everybody for our perceived problems and misfortune.


It always has to be someone's “fault”, and this appears to us to be a basic law of the universe. When something goes “wrong”, it must automatically be because someone fouled up, and for doing this they should be blamed and punished.


It is time for us to see through the truth of this, to release our compulsive need to fight the duality battles, and in the process, discover what true forgiveness is, forgiving all those who have supposedly “wronged” us, and most importantly, forgiving ourselves.


“I see the absurdity of the blame game, and release my attachment to it.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Releasing the Blame Game: Violet Bell-Shaped Vine

  • New Millennium flower essence for releasing the blame game - the paradigm of duality and blame.

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