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Flower essence for helping a person to release, and become immune to, "consciousness garbage" projected at them by other people.


As part of the normal energetic exchange between people, there is often a form of "heavy" energy projected from one person to another. There are reasons for this form of energy exchange being allowed; however, for some of us as we raise our level of consciousness, part of the process of achieving a higher vibrational rate in our personal energy is to go beyond a need to allow energies of a much lower rate to influence us.


This essence is for helping us to facilitate a re-tuning of our "energy receptors", to be less sensitive to low vibration and negative energies. These low vibration energies are often the most difficult to deal with when they come from someone who is close to us, such as a parent or sibling. This essence helps us to become immune to this kind of energy from people, including the energy of manipulation, while still remaining physically in their presence, and emotionally and mentally present for them in an appropriate and compassionate manner.

“I shift my energy so as to be no longer affected by these low-vibration projections from people.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Other People's Garbage: Glamis Castle/Pink Iceberg Roses

  • New Millennium flower essence to release the energetic mental "garbage" projected by other people.

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