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This flower essence is for helping a person to go back into any time in their past and to change their past reality, as if something actually happened differently from how it actually did happen. It is possible to do this because the past actually only really has any existence within the mind; it is only the mind that contains the past, it does not occur anywhere else.


It is therefore possible to literally change the past, just by changing one's mind! Just like it says in A Course in Miracles when it tells us to “choose again”, and, if needed, again and again and again, until we make the optimum choice.


This essence helps us to undergo this process, literally erasing that old memory of what we used to think happened, and changing it to a new memory of what we now know happened, when we made a different choice back then in our past. This essence is obviously a very powerful tool for helping to erase old trauma memories.



“I now time-travel back into my past and make the optimum choice(s).”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Optimum Past Choice: Cotoneaster Berries

  • New Millennium flower essence for changing the present as a result of choosing to make a new optimum choice back in the past.

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