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This flower essence is for dissolving negative thought-form energy that is lodged in the body, especially in the chakras.


This energy has originated from negative thoughts that we have had, and from other people.


This essence contains the same type of powerful energy as the “Violet Flame” and the “White Light” that many people use for dissolving negativity and as protection from negative energies.


This essence is also similar to the powerful energies generated by certain sacred sounds, like the “Om” and the word “Amen”; and it contains the same power to energetically cleanse and disintegrate that salt water has. It also helps to unplug one's energy from negative entities that one may be connected to.

“I dissolve and release all of this energy from all of my body, mind and spirit.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Negative Thought Forms: First Lady Rose

  • New Millennium flower essence to dissolve negative thought-form energy lodged in the body.

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