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This flower essence facilitates an optimum connection between a person's energy anatomy (including the chakras, the meridians and the energy bodies) and the Zero Point Field.


It effectively facilitates a “clean download” from the Zero Point Field of the correct parameters and specifications for an optimally functioning energy anatomy, and helps the body implement this.


As always, how effective this will be does depend on the individual person: this process cannot override their personal free will if they are (at some level of the mind) wishing to retain a less-than-optimal energy anatomy. However, this essence facilitates this process to the optimum extent possible.



“I now rejuvenate my energy anatomy to the maximum extent possible.”



Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Energy Anatomy Optimisation: Aurum Lily & Wild Parsley

  • New Millennium flower essence facilitates downloading from the Zero Point Field an optimally functioning energy anatomy.

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