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This flower essence is for helping to reclaim and re-integrate the energy that a person has been using to hold in place the blocks, taboos, distortions, falsehoods, etc, related to who they thought they were, in denial of who they truly are.


It takes a lot of energy to hold these falsehoods in place, because they do not naturally belong there. Once they are let go of, this makes available a lot of extra energy to the person.


This loss of life force energy for holding this stuff in place is one of the factors contributing to so-called old age, and for most people it accumulates right through their lives, with more and more of their energy being devoted to holding it in place as they get older.



“I now release my blocks, taboos and falsehoods and reclaim all of my energy.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Energy Reclaim: Large Aurum Lily

  • New Millennium flower essence for reclaiming the accumulated energy held in place by blocks, taboos and falsehoods related to who we think we are.

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