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This flower essence is for healing and resolving "double binds".


Double binds are conditions in the psyche that originate from past events where the person has been confronted with a situation of being required to make a choice, where both of the potential courses of action are unacceptable in some manner. This is also sometimes referred to as the "Catch 22" syndrome.


Double binds were discovered by a team led by the anthropologist-psychologist Gregory Bateson, at the University of California, working to find a psychological reason for schizophrenia. They also found that double binds exist in many people, not only in schizophrenics, and they often are hidden.


They appear to be very common, almost everybody has them, as a legacy from the past, where, as children, they were confronted with unresolvable problems. The memories of the unresolved problems then go underground, buried in the psyche, but can resurface years later as part of a complex web of mental dysfunction.


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Double Bind Resolution: Green & Red Basil

  • New Millennium flower essence for resolving psychological double binds.

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