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This Super-Essence is for the overhaul and reprogramming of human DNA, to help us evolve, on all levels, into the new multi-dimensional reality.


There is much about DNA that is as yet undiscovered by current mainstream science. As humanity evolves fully into becoming the New Energy Human of the new reality of this new millennium, many changes are needed in the human DNA.


This powerful group of flower essences, combined into a single Super-Essence, support the body energetically in the undertaking of these changes.


This Super-Essence is also for:

  • Assisting the body in the reactivation of our complete DNA system, the twelve strands of magnetic DNA, integrated with the twin strands of physical DNA, configured for the new reality.
  • Reprogramming the DNA basic blueprint, removing the built-in design for the aging of the human body, and restoring the DNA blueprint to the design of the physically immortal human.
  • Dissolving random mutations from the DNA, and restoring the DNA back to perfect, optimum efficiency.
  • Reprogramming the instruction set within the twelve strands of the magnetic DNA, reconfiguring the instructions for the New Reality (physically immortal) Human of this new millennium.
  • Restoring to full functioning, the connection between the magnetic DNA and the energetic crystalline structure that surrounds the DNA, thus allowing the body to fully utilise the information in the DNA.
  • Help in integrating our divinity into our DNA.


“I reprogram my DNA to fully support my new reality as a New Energy Human.... perfect, immortal and divine.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

DNA Overhaul & Reprogram: Cream Climbing Rose

  • New Millennium super-essence for the overhaul and reprogramming of human DNA, to support us evolving into the New Energy Human.

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