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This flower essence is for social and cultural issues.


This includes all examples of social and cultural issues -- for example, issues of discrimination for any social or cultural-type reason, especially for people who feel that they are the victims of such discrimination or persecution.


This essence helps a person in the process of realising that the effects of the perceived “wrong” that has been done to them only actually affects them to the extent that they buy into their own belief that such things can have power over them.


This essence, therefore, helps people to realise that this perceived power over them is illusory, and only appears to be real because they are creating this themselves.


“I now fully realise that I am the only person who has any real power over me.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Cultural & Social Issues: Mexican Thorn Tree

  • New Millennium flower essence for resolving all types of social and cultural issues.

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