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This flower essence is for dissolving all the old programming, in order to undertake a large consciousness shift.


The red berries are on a bush which is on the other side of the fence. Here the fence symbolises the barrier that prevents us from seeing things differently from the same old way that we were indoctrinated and hypnotised in when we were young.


No-one can force us to keep our belief in these hypnotic spells from childhood, and this essence is for helping us to see through the falsehood and illusion of them, and to shift our consciousness towards the real truth of who we really are: a part of God.



“I am now ready to jump through the fence in my own mind, to the other side, releasing old paradigms and beliefs, to embrace the real truth of who I am.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Consciousness Shift: Red Berries through fence

  • New Millennium flower essence to dissolve the barrier that prevents us from making a large consciousness shift.

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