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This Super-Essence is for dissolving from the body, at the cellular level, beliefs and trauma packages that are deeply embedded in the body.


Embedded deeply in our bodies, there are many energetic entities that influence all aspects of our behaviour and of our body functioning.  Many of these energies are the legacy of past experiences, and some are picked up by us from the tribal collective subconscious.


As long as these energies are controlling our behaviour and our body functioning, we cannot be totally free.


This powerful group of flower essences, combined into a single Super-Essence, are for assisting our bodies to dissolve these energies.


It is not sufficient to just “change one's mind” in order to totally release a long-held belief, because the belief is very deeply energetically embedded in the body.


As well as deeply embedded beliefs, this Super-Essence dissolves, from the body:

  • Habitual programming, where the programming of the dysfunctional body behaviour has become deeply embedded at the cellular level.
  • Deeply embedded emotional and mental programmed patterns.
  • Deeply embedded energy packages from the body that hold the energy of emotional/mental attitudes that we hold towards people, groups of people, organisations and issues. These “attitudes” that were formed as a result of past experiences have become crystallised in the body, and are part of the mechanism that drives our behaviour in the way that we react towards these people/groups/etc.
  • Deeply embedded energies that hold the energy of emotional frustration.
  • Memes, which are “viruses” of the mind, and are passed from person to person throughout the mass consciousness of humanity. They can be likened to very powerful thought forms, that actually have an energetic reality, and embed themselves in people's minds.
  • Archetypes, shared by the tribal group, that are embedded in the body at the cellular level.
  • Energetically embedded tribal myths, which are a major part of the “cultural story” of our tribal group.
  • Energetically embedded “lore” from the body. This “programmed learning” originates from major incidents where we (as individuals or as the tribe) learned a “lesson”, and have therefore elevated this learning to a special status that has become part of the definition of who we think we are.
  • Energetically embedded “programmed trauma memory packages” from early life. These trauma memory packages became deeply embedded in our bodies at any time from conception, through the pre-birth period, at the time of the birth experience, up until about three years old, when our mental abilities became mature enough to have some degree of understanding for the things that happen to us.


“I ask my body to release all of these embedded belief energies.”


Contents: 10ml  Stock essence

Body-Embedded Beliefs & Trauma: Windrush Rose

  • New Millennium super-essence to help us dissolve, at the cellular level, beliefs and trauma packages that are deeply embedded in the body.

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