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Awaken to vibrant joy & wholeness

with Glenys Earle, Energy Healer

Glenys Earle energy healer and Akashic records reader

Glenys Earle
Energy Healer

I am an energy healer. I work with energy to help you experience better health and vitality. I can balance and free up the energy that flows in and around your body. I also intuitively identify any beliefs or blockages that are stopping you from enjoying full health, vitality, peace and joy.

I am passionate about empowering you to take steps towards a more full and healthy life, in which you feel more alive, vibrant and whole.

I am in service to you becoming more whole and integrated
in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

My vision is that by helping you to find better health and vitality,
and empowering you to take greater responsibility for your own wellbeing, you will free up energy and vitality to live a more joyful and creative life, and then, to make your own contribution towards a better world for all.

About Glenys Earle

Growing up I had a lot of health issues, culminating in a severe case of glandular fever in my late teens. For almost a whole year I was chronically ill and suffering from a deep depression, in which ultimately, I had a mystical experience of our indivisible connection to Spirit. Recovering in time to pass my final school exams with flying colours gave me a lasting faith in my ability to meet whatever challenges I may have to face in life, due to the inner strength I developed during this time.

In my 20s and 30s I continued to have many health challenges, predominantly with my hormonal and digestive systems, and I underwent a series of operations. I always had the sense that my body was out of balance, and that doctors weren't looking deep enough into the causes of my issues, but only treating the symptoms. These experiences led me to pursue many studies in spiritual disciplines and holistic therapies, and my journey to real wellness began...

Energy Healing

Energy healing with Glenys Earle


Group attending a workshop with Glenys Earle


Living Energy and New Millennium Essences products

Energy Healing is a safe, effective and non-invasive therapy for correcting and balancing the body's subtle energy flows and systems, as well as helping you to resolve emotional pain that is preventing you from experiencing all that life has to offer.

After an energy healing session you can expect to experience greater health, vitality and joy.

Energy Medicine workshops are designed to help you if you are suffering from stress, anxiety, chronic tiredness, insomnia or sleep issues, or if you are simply feeling stuck in your life.

In a workshop you will learn simple Energy Medicine techniques that will empower you to balance your own energies for greater health, vitality, motivation and happiness.

Living Energy aromatherapy spray blends are safe, gentle and effective. Made with organic and vibrational ingredients, they bring relief for many everyday problems.

The New Millennium Essences of NZ are powerful flower essences designed for the energies of the 21st century.
A customised essence blend can address any issues on spiritual, mental, emotional or physical levels.

What People Say

John, Auckland, NZ

Glenys is intuitive and insightful, warm, accepting and encouraging – exactly right for helping me address deep issues and unhelpful beliefs.


Glenys always comes up with something spot-on for the difficulty I am struggling with. Such a wonderful sense of seeing myself afresh, and of release from things in myself holding me back.


Glenys’s ThetaHealing approach has enabled me to enter into deep issues in my shadow which I have not been able to access myself.

Jessie, Tairua, NZ

I was fortunate enough to be given a treatment by Glenys several months after a really traumatic event. The dramatic response of my body to the very gentle treatment surprised me greatly!


It was not until a few days after the session that I realised that I had been in a constant state of hyper-vigilance since the trauma (several months!) and had now been moved out of this state and was able to relax.


Glenys had observed the state I was in and was absolutely right about her healing session being much needed.

Isla, Devon, UK

I came to Glenys after weeks of feeling exhausted and was offered an energy healing called the Black Pearl Sanctuary to awaken my energy cycles.

The healing itself was wonderfully relaxing and calming and made me feel ready to fully access the messages my body was sending me.

Thank you Glenys for your magic.

Therapies That I Use

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Glenys Earle

Rotorua, Tauranga & Hamilton, New Zealand


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