Discover renewed energy and vitality

Are you stressed or anxious much of the time?

Is this holding you back from enjoying life?

Stress and anxiety cause imbalances in the vital energy flows that
constantly move through our body. Energy imbalances can lead
to further physical problems. They may also cause our mind
to close down on possibilities that would help you to find new answers.


Past hurt and emotional pain or trauma (whether from abuse, betrayal or relationship breakup) also leave energy imbalances in the body that continue to affect us long after the situation that caused them is behind us.

With Energy Healing the imbalances in energy can be corrected
and the vital life force energies can flow in harmony again.

You will find lasting relief from many annoying or distressing problems.


Online Energy Healing sessions are also available.

Woman looking sad, In the Zone Healing, energy healing for low energy, energy healing for sleep, energy healing for depression, energy healing fo chronic pain, energy healing for feeling stuck, chronic fatigue

Energy Healing addresses many more everyday issues

  • Always tired during the day

  • Unable to sleep at night

  • Low energy/chronic fatigue

  • Chronic pain
  • Depression

  • Feeling stuck.

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In the Zone Healing
brings together years of holistic healing experience

  • ThetaHealing

  • Eden Energy Medicine
  • Flower essence therapy

  • Indian head massage

  • Reiki.

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Happy couple, In the Zone Healing energy healing, energy healing for more vitality, relief from aches & pains, energy healing help to enjoy life, energy healing for emotional balance, energy healing for mental clarity

Energy Healing

frees you to

thrive and enjoy life

  • More energy and vitality

  • Ability to cope with stress

  • Relief from aches and pains

  • Better emotional balance

  • Greater mental clarity.

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“I  came to Glenys after weeks of feeling exhausted and was offered an energy healing called the Black Pearl Sanctuary to awaken my energy cycles. The healing itself was wonderfully relaxing and calming and made me feel ready to fully access the messages my body was sending me.

Thank you Glenys for your magic.”

— Isla, Devon, UK

It's your birthright to be full of vitality and enthusiasm for life