Find out why the Living Energy sprays are so subtle, yet powerful

In my last blogpost I wrote about the difference between essential oils and flower essences, as many people tend to confuse the two.

Organic essential oils and flower essences are the ingredients of a range of aromatherapy sprays — the Living Energy range.

The key active ingredients of the Living Energy products are the flower essences, as these are responsible for the main healing action. Flower essences are vibrational remedies, and are very safe and gentle to use. I use the essences from the New Millennium range, which I co-created in partnership with Peter Archer. For details of Peter’s story and how the New Millennium Essences came into being, read here.

For each aromatherapy spray up to about a dozen essences are chosen to produce the desired effect.

Warrior Rose flower essence

For example, the Aura Restorer spray has a main essence, the Warrior Rose, which cleanses and repairs the aura or human energy field. However, it also contains essences to clear emotional and negative energy, help process trauma energy in the aura, stabilise and protect at the energetic level, and provide balance and support at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

So you see there is a lot more happening than just cleansing the aura.

Then once the essences have been defined, essential oils are carefully chosen to enhance and complement the action of the essences.

Again, using our example of the Aura Restorer, the following essential oils were chosen:

  • Spanish Sage has powerful energy cleansing properties

  • Geranium balances on physical, emotional and mental levels

  • Lemon brings mental clarity

  • Lavender is gentle and nurturing

Essential oil ingredients: Spanish Sage, Geranium, Lemon, Lavender

I choose only organic or wildgrown essential oils, where possible, to ensure that their therapeutic properties are maximised. When natural products like essential oils are pure and of high quality, they retain a significant component of the life force energy of the original plant.

In each product the essential oils are in very dilute form, as they are intended only for spraying into the aura (click here to see how). As flower essences are also essentially the life force of the original flower or plant, the interaction between the essential oils and essences enhance each other’s action at the vibrational level.

The total combination of essences and oils blend synergistically to provide greater healing power. This is due to this high component of life force energy, as well as the method used to combine them in the final product. The Living Energy range is the product of many years of working in this field.

Clients who have used the Living Energy sprays typically comment on how powerfully effective and yet subtle they are. Clients also generally remark on the difference they feel after using them.

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