Do you understand the difference between essential oils and flower essences?

If you are like many people I talk to in my work, you may be a little confused by the difference between essential oils, aromatherapy and flower essences.

Essential oils are the oil (or non-water-soluble) component resulting from an extraction of

compounds from one or more parts of a plant. Essential oils may be extracted from the flowers, leaves, fruit, branches, wood or roots of a plant. For example, Lavender is extracted from the flowers and leaves of lavender plants, Pine from pine needles and Cedarwood from the wood of the cedar tree.

Essential oils are very concentrated mixtures of many biochemical compounds that have wonderful healing properties for us. Most essential oils have an anti-microbial action. Some oils are more specific for viral infections; others are better for bacteria. Many essential oils relieve pain, like

Lavender, or inflammation, such as Myrrh. Certain oils may also act in specific areas of the body: Eucalyptus clears the airways, while Patchouli heals wounds and scars.

Essential oils also generally have a very powerful effect on the emotions. Many of them are uplifting and have an anti-depressant effect, such as Orange or Bergamot. Some are stimulating and enlivening, like Peppermint; others are soothing and calming, and in some cases, help adults and children safely to sleep – e.g. Mandarin or Roman Chamomile. Oils can balance emotional and hormonal highs and lows, and they can also play a major role in the reduction of stress, tension and anxiety.

Flower essences are actually the life force of the flower, collected from its energy field, and placed in a solution. They are vibrational or energy medicines – that is, they contain the vibrational imprint of the original plant which has been “captured” and retained in the water. Used correctly, they are a subtle but powerful way of changing consciousness – even deeply ingrained thought patterns

Olearia essence for Overwhelm

Flower essences, like homeopathy, contain no physical plant material – they have been diluted to the point where no actual molecules of the original substance are still present in the final treatment bottle given to the client.

Their power and effectiveness depends on the consciousness of the flower essence creator to tune in and bring through the required healing energies.

Penstemon for Stuck Thinking

They are very safe – precisely because there is no physical plant material. It’s possible to make essences from plants that are normally toxic or poisonous if ingested or applied to the skin.

Some of the major differences between essential oils and flower essences are:

  • Essential oils are very concentrated and potent, containing powerful biochemicals, and must always be used with caution as per their relevant safety indications; Flower essences are very safe as they are vibrational in nature and contain no actual molecular compounds.

  • Essential oils generally have a distinctive fragrance or aroma due to their constituent compounds; Flower essences are preserved in a base of water and alcohol, and have no fragrance of their own.

The Living Energy spray products contain blends of the New Millennium Essences range of flower essences, and organic or wildcrafted essential oils. These blends are synergistically combined so that the essential oils enhance the therapeutic action of the flower essences, and vice versa.

In the Living Energy spray blends the essential oils are very dilute. Instead of delivering their constituent active ingredients into the body, they are sprayed into the aura where they enhance the vibrational effects of the flower essences.

Each spray blend has been carefully chosen so that the flower essences and essential oils work in harmony with one another. As the constituent essential oils are very dilute, the Living Energy blends are also very safe. If used as directed, for external use only and kept away from the eyes, they are even safe for children and older members of our community.

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